Game of the year Candidates so Far……..All PS3?

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Well we are almost at the end now. With a couple of months still left to go before we welcome 2010, we thought it might be a good choice to write something on the Game of the Year Candidates so far. There have been some really great games for all systems this year. But the fact remains the same. Sony have kept on releasing some great games consistently this year. So people who own the black beauty have had a lot of fun on their systems this year, more so as compared to last year. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots was named Game of the Year 2008 by many major publications and rightly so. The important thing to be stated here is that a PS3 game was a winner after almost 2 years since the systems launch and it looks like 2009 will continue this trend.

Q1 2009:

The year started pretty slowly for all consoles as a whole. Microsoft had a killer game in Halo Wars. The game was released and much to fans delight, the game was a success with the game selling over 2 million copies worldwide. Sony’s next gen shooter Killzone 2 also got released in the same timeline. The hype surrounding Killzone 2 was amazing. I don’t think any first person shooter in recent history had so much of fan following. Any case Killzone 2 was released on February 27th 2009 and the game got critical acclaim from every major website including a 9.6 from us. Many stated that it might be the finest first person shooters ever made.

Q2 2009:

Sony had a very clear road map of 2009. They had shown us a little footage about Sucker Punch’s next game: Infamous. In the game you will be playing a super hero. The game was released in May 2009 and once again Sony had nailed it. Infamous was a prime example on how a super hero game should be made. Now the amazing thing about Q2 2009 was that there were no other AAA games released when Infamous came out. None from Microsoft . Of course there were multiplatform games like Prototype but none were able to reach the level that Infamous was able to reach.

Q3 2009:

There are not a lot of exclusive games released in period so far. But Sony with Ghostbusters: The Videogame and the timed exclusivity deal in Europe meant that if you are in Europe and you wanna play the game, than there is only one place. The PS3. There were also a couple of great Multiplatform games released during this period like Madden NFL 2010, Batman, Guitar Hero and many more. And if reports are to be believed multiplatform games are eventually running better on the PS3.

Q4 2009:

Well we are still in Q3 2009 so it would be an overstatement from me that the PS3 has the best fall line up. With Uncharted 2: Among Thieves getting a a release date in October and Ratchet and Clank also scheduled for Fall, things are looking way better on the PS3 as compared to other consoles. With Demon’s Soul also being an exclusive and arrival of Modern Warfare 2 on multi consoles also means that PS3 is the real deal in 2009.

Here is our recap of the possible Game of the Year winners:

1. Killzone 2

2. Infamous

3. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Let me finish the article by writing that even if this article looks in favor of the PS3, it isnt. Its in favor of the gamers like you and me. After all its all about the games. And to be honest with the readers out there the 360 has some great games in 2009. But the punch that the PS3 games are giving is just too much to be ignored.

Let us know what do you think in the comments section below.

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