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Gears of War 3 has tons of new additions as seen from the beta which is now available to anyone that pre-ordered the game.  The beta has tones of unlocks that will carry over to the full retail version of the game when it’s out on September 20th, 2011 for the Xbox 360.  Some cool additions to the game are ribbons and medals, which you do not only gain XP from but the Medals can be put on your player card for everyone to see in the multiplayer lobby.  The more times you do what is required to unlock a medal the more sharp the medal will start looking, which is an innovative as well as never been seen before in a third-person shooter game to my knowledge.  Here a list of all the Medals and Ribbons you can attain.


Personal Assistant
Assisted 5 Kills in a row

Swift Vengeance
Revenge killed your last killer

Killed same opponent three times

Carmine’s Star
Most headshot deaths in a match

Buttoned Up
Spent the most time in cover

Jammed Gear
Ended a enemies streak

Last Man Out
Last man standing on your team

Never Had A Chance
Won every round in the match

The Double
Two quick kills in a row

Killing Spree
Killed 5 opponents without dying

More kill’s then deaths in a single match

Well Protected
Most revived player in a match

Never captured when playing as a leader

First Blood
Earned the first kill of the round

First one to die in a round

Tough Guy
Fewest deaths in a match

Least damage taken in a match

Death From Behind
Killed a opponent after you have died

Team Player
Most assists in a match

Rough Day
Most deaths in a match

Most melee hits in a match

Head Hunter
Most headshot kills in a match

Ring King
Captured a ring 3 times in 1 round

Most pistol kills in a match

Guys? Hello?
Most time down in a match

Highest point total for the match

Not So Fast
Killed an opponent that is executing a teammate

Lead By Example
Killed 5 opponents as the leader in a round

The Super
Killed an evading opponent with a headshot

Smooth Operator
Highest K/D ratio in a match

Most executions in a match

Spray and Prey
Most blind fire kills in a match

Captured the enemy leader

Grenade Hug
Killed an opponent after being grenade tagged

Ring Breaker
Broke opposing ring 3 times

Killed multiple enemies with a mortar

Revived yourself twice in a round

The Triple
Three quick kills in a row

Five executions in a round

Always Remember Your First
Play 1 match

Eye On The Prize
Most points earned in the ring

Quick Clips
Most perfect Active reloads in a match

Revived 5 teammates in a round

Better Man
Won a sudden death showdown

Killed multiple opponents with one grenade

Negotiation Over
Headshot an opponent with a meatshield

Killed your nemesis

Killed 25 enemies without dying

Killed 20 enemies without dying

Killed 15 opponents with out dying

Killed 10 opponents without dying

Stop Thief!
5 kills stolen by others in a round

Chainsawed 3 victims in a row

Retro charged 3 victims in a row

Want Something Done
Captured enemy leader as the leader

Unlucky Bastard
Only player on your team to die in a round

Final Word
Final kill of the match

Coup De Grace
Final kill with an execution

Military Intelligence
5 opponents spotted ending in a kill

Top of the Hill
Killed 5 opponents from inside the ring

Dead Ringer
Won a round of KOTH by shutting out the opposing team

Killed multiple opponents with a Boomshot

Killed multiple opponents with a single saw off shot gun shot

Stopped a retro charge with a Sawed-off shot gun

Death from Below
Killed an enemy with a grenade while down

Oscar Mike
Killed a roadie running opponent with a headshot

Giant Slayer
Killed an opponent that is 50 levels above you.

Killed an opponent that is 25 levels above you

Sapper Star
Killed an opponent with their own planted frag

Grenade tagged a Retro charging opponent

Hat Trick
Scored 3 headshots in a row without dying

The Quad
Four quick kills in a row

The Quinn
Five quick kills in a row

First to fight
First kill in every round in 1 match

The Cleaner
Final kill in every round

Trick Shot
One Torque bow shot leading to a double kill

Hail Mary
Boomshot kill from over 200 feet

Killed 3 or more people as the last man standing to win the round

Secret Service
Most leader rescues in a match

Most grenade kills in a match

No Smoking
Killed an opponent with a smoke grenade

Under the radar
At least your here


Beta Tester –  Start the Beta
Old Guard – Earned Veteran achievement in Gears 2
Vengeful – Face punch execute 5 nemeses
Captor – Kill 5 enemies with a captive
MVP – Earn 5 MVP Ribbons
Field Service – Reach level 25
Veteran – Play 100 matches
Match Winner – Win 25 Matches
Headshot – Get 30 Headshots
Heavy Weapons – Get 10 Heavy weapon kills
Explosives – Get 10 explosive kill’s
Finisher – Get 30 executions
Skunker – Skunk enemy team 10 times
Leader – Earn 20 Untouchable ribbons
Bagman – Capture 10 enemy leaders
Assistant – Get 500 assists
Medic – Revive 50 Squad mates
Cover – Earn 25 Buttoned up ribbons
Active Reloader – 500 Perfect Reloads
Lancer – Get 500 Lancer kills
Hammerburst – Get 500 Hammer burst kills
Retro Lancer – Get 500 Retro lancer kills
Gnasher – Get 500 Gnasher kills
Sawed-Off – Get 500 Saw off kills
Pistols – Get 500 Pistol kills
Spotter – Spot 500 enemies
Pyro – Kill 500 Enemies with fire
Sapper – Destroy 500 Enemy Grenades
Guardian – Kill 500 Leaders in CTL
CTL – Play 500 CTL Matches
KOTH – Play 500 Koth matches
TDM – Play 500 TDM Matches
Master at Arms – Use all Weapons
Rifle Man – Use all three starting rifles
Hard Target – Earn 50 Last man out ribbons
Shock Trooper – Earn 50 1st Blood ribbons
Old Schooler – Curb stop 100 enemies
Battle Mistress – Play a Female in 10 Matches
Sovereign – Win 50 CTL matches as Leader
Special Teams – Get 100 map-based weapon kills

Now keep in mind that each Medal has 4 stars in ranking, and with each star completed for the Medal it will get bigger as well look a hell of o a lot cooler.  For instance the ‘Battle Mistress’ Medal requires you to play as a female for 10 matches to get the Medal, then to earn the second star, you must play 30 matches as a female which would of course be Anya in the beta.  So above, the Medal requirements are listed as some being for 4 stars and some simply being for 1 star just to get the medal.

Here some unlocks in the beta, mostly executions.

  • Unlock Anya Stroud- Played 10 TDM matches in the Beta.
  • Unlock Boltok Execution- Get 10 Boltok pistol kills.
  • Unlock Cole Train – Played 70 matches in the Beta.
  • Unlock Gnasher Execution – Get 25 Gnasher kills.
  • Unlock Gold Retro Lancer – Play 90 matches in the Beta.
  • Unlock Gorgon Execution – Get 10 Gorgon pistol kills.
  • Unlock Lancer Rifle Execution – Get 25 Lancer kills.
  • Unlock Longshot Execution – Get 10 Longshot kills.
  • Unlock Mortar Execution – Get 10 Mortar kills.
  • Unlock Mulcher Execution – Get 10 Mulcher kils.
  • Unlock Retro Lancer Executions – Get 25 Retro Lancer kills.
  • Unlock Savage Theron – Played 40 TDM matches in the Beta.
  • Unlock Sawed-off Executions – Get 25 Sawed-off Shotgun kills.
  • Unlock Scorcher Execution – Get 10 Scorcher kills.
  • Unlock Urban Lancer – Played 5 TDM matches in the Beta.

Here are your starting weapons in the beta:

Urban Skin – 5 Team Death Match Games (TDM)
Flaming Skin – Play week two of the Beta
Omen – Unknown

Chrome Skin – Earned Rookie Achievement in Gears of War 2
Urban Skin – Play 5 King of the Hill matches (KOTH)
Flaming Skin – Play week 1 of the Beta

Retro Lancer
Urban Skin – Play 5 match’s of Capture the Leader (CTL)
Gold Retro Lancer – Play 90 match’s of any game mode in the Beta
Gold Retro Lancer on Retail Game – 100 kills with Retro Lancer

Sawed-Off Shotgun
Urban Skin – Play 15 King of the Hill match’s (KOTH)
Flaming Skin – Play week 3 of the Beta

Gnasher Shotgun
Urban Skin – Play 15 match’s of Capture the Leader (CTL)
Flaming Skin – Play week 4 of the Beta

Here are the playable characters in the Beta:

Marcus Fenix – Start the Beta
Dom Santiago – Start the Beta
Anya Stroud – Play 10 Team Death Match match’s (TDM)
Augustus Cole – Play 20 King of the Hill match’s (KOTH)
Damon Baird – Play 20 Capture the Leader match’s (CTL)
Cole Train (Cole in his Thrash Ball Gear) – Play 50 match’s in the beta

Drone – Start the Beta
Savage Grenadier – Play the Beta
Flame Grenadier – Play 10 games of Capture the Leader (CTL)
Kantus – Play 10 games of King of the Hill (KOTH)
Savage Theron – Play 40 Team Death Match match’s (TDM)

Here are the four maps in the beta and their overhead views:





Here is what you can unlock and have carry over into Gears of Wat 3 full retail version:

Play the beta during Week 1 – Flaming Hammerburst (Deadline April 24th)
Play the beta during Week 2 – Flaming Lancer (April 25th and May 1st)
Play the beta during Week 3 – Flaming Sawed-Off Shotty (May 2nd and May 8th)
Play the beta during Week 4 – Flaming Gnasher Shotty (May 9th and May 15th)

Thrashball Cole – Play 50 matches in the beta to unlock Thrashball Cole, then play 10 more matches using Thrashball Cole to have it carry over to the full game.

Gold Retro Lancer – You unlock the Gold Retro lancer by playing 90 matches in the beta. Once unlocked, you must get 100 kills using the Gold Retro Lancer to have it carry over to the full game.

Beta Tester Medal just for playing the beta which will be displaying in the Gear of War 3 Multiplayer Lobby.

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