Ghost Recon Breakpoint Guide – How to Level Up Faster and Farm Behemoths

Want to unlock all manner of skills or just get more Skell Credits? Here’s how.

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint (13)

You’d probably wonder what a level up system is doing in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. It doesn’t really affect how much damage you deal or take – instead, each level provides a Skill Point. Using these will unlock vital skills like Nightvision Goggles or deploying a parachute. So the obvious question is: How do you level up quickly?

There are various skills within the Skill Tree for acquiring more XP. Look for a skill that adds 20 percent to XP gain and unlock it as soon as possible. You’ll also want to look for gear that provides more XP bonuses – though each gear piece has a small bonus, they all stack and can provide up to 30 percent extra XP gain.

Another great way to add to your XP bonuses is to find a Bivouac and head into the Preparations tab. There’s a bonus in the Resources menu that grants 10 percent more XP for one hour. When it’s finished, you can always return and activate it again.

If you’re well equipped to take down waves of enemies as opposed to silently killing them, then that’s a great route to gaining more XP. One good strategy is heading into a heavily populated outpost, killing all but one enemy, dying and then respawn. Head back and all the enemies should have respawned.

One great method, as showcased in the video below by JordanDoes, is farming Behemoths. Head to Cape North and position yourself on the beach opposite from the Behemoth.

Due to the distance, the Behemoth can’t attack with its gatling gun. It can still launch mortars so make sure you keep checking around you for where they’ll land and keep moving. Use the TAC-50 as your main sniper rifle and keep targeting the Behemoth’s weak point to eventually bring it down. After it’s dead and you’ve collected your rewards, log out and then log back in. The Behemoth should respawn, allowing you to keep farming.

Killing the Behemoth will provide over 2000 XP, 2500 Skell Credits and three pieces of Gear that are better than what you have currently equipped. If you want a nice place to farm Gear, XP and Skell Credits, this is the spot. There are tips for farming Gold Nuggets and other XP farming methods below so check them out.

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