God Of War III: Six Reasons why it can fail or be a success

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God of War has been undoubtedly Playstation’s premier franchise. With God of War I and God of War II both selling a combine five million units, Sony had to pull out a sequel for the PlayStation. God of War III is the final chapter in the trilogy and it will finally explain why there are no more Greek Mythologies. We have seen this game at E3, TGS, SDCC and other events this year. To be honest with you guys that the game is coming off really well, but there are certain shortcomings as well. We take a look at the bad and the good about the game so far.

The Bad:

1. Gameplay is pretty much recycled from God of War II:


Recycled action is a big NO!

God of War II was a great game. But the major issue I had with the second part was the combat was very much similar to what we had seen in the original.And looks like God of War III will follow what God of War II followed. The same button mashing, button pop action will be present, which really feels pretty old and recycled. I really don’t know if there is going to be a change in the final game, but I am sure that’s not going to happen.

2. Number of Boss Battles needs to go Up:


We need more of this!

The original two had some phenomenal boss battles. The only weak point is that there were about two in the first game and as far I can remember there were about three in God of War II. I really want that number to be increased to at least six in the sequel. See I am not sure about how other gamers think on this issue, but me as a gamer love more number of boss battles ( Metal Gear Solid series anyone?). So I hope we really have some more number of boss battles this time around. Also i would love them to be a bit innovative. Not just hack n slash. A bit of innovative thinking in boss battles like in Metal Gear Solid.

3. No David Jaffe:


The game might miss this genius!

Believe me or not, David Jaffe is one of the most talented video game designer around. His team did a wonderful job on the first two games. I am not sure how the new team will pull it off. The game plays and looks stunning, no doubt about it. But I will like to see whether God of War III will miss David Jaffe’s brilliant mind.

The Good:

1. Stunning Vistas:


One of the best looking games around for sure

Hands down, this game is going to like a million bucks. Have you guys ever noticed the detail on Kratos’s arm plates and his armor. Just check that out closely. The team at Santa Monica are doing an awesome job in pushing the Cell processor and definitely the results are showing. We are still about five months away from launch so more polish should be expected.

2. More Blood and Brutal ways to kill your enemies:


This is going to be violent and bloody!

God of War is not for the weak heart. In the original you had to burn a man alive. In the sequel you have to rip eyes off. Now in the third, the developers have taken that a step ahead. You will be ripping off horns, take on big monsters and somewhere ripping off head of a live guy. God of War III is going to be brutal, bloody and violent. The reason: Kratos is damn angry.

3. Music and Plot:


Great sound will accompany the action

What I really love about video games is their plot. We gamers get engrossed in the game of it has an emotional side or a really good story. The first two had really good stories in which Kratos kills his family and than Athena.This time he has vowed revenge against his father. The sound in the series has been phenomenal. Its really up to the level of Hollywood movies and the third part will follow the same.

So folks what do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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