Hades – The Nighty Night Update Adds Twin Fists, Excalibur, New Miniboss

New events, fresh narrative content, and much more added to the popular dungeon crawler.

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Supergiant Games has released a meaty new update for its roguelite dungeon crawler Hades. The Nighty Night Update adds a brand new weapon – Malphon, the Twin Fists – for knocking out enemies and reworks the Mirror of Night. Visual effects have also been improved to make it easier to discern what’s going on during battles.

New story content has also been added, namely in the form of flashbacks to Zagreus’s earlier days. The Administrative Chamber can also be accessed for checking one’s Permanent Record, and lots of new events and narrative content has been added for the likes of Nyx, Zeus and Chaos among others.

You can also wield Excalibur, Arthur’s holy sword, thanks to a new Aspect for the Stygian Blade. Several changes have been made to existing bosses and enemies but there’s a very special mini-boss that can be found in the Temple of Styx. As the trailer below showcases, you would do best to not underestimate.

Hades is currently in early access for PC and will launch in full later this year. It’s available on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Check out some of the patch notes below.

Early Access Patch 040: The NIGHTY NIGHT Update – March 10, 2020


  • Malphon, the Twin Fists: pummel your foes into the ground with this furious close-quarters weapon
  • Mirror of Night Rework: now with twice the Talents, inviting more choices to fit your playstyle
  • Aspect of Arthur: wield the might of Holy Excalibur with this legendary Aspect of the Stygian Blade
  • Improved Visual Effects: we’ve made frenetic combat easier to parse without compromising the oomph
  • New Pact of Punishment Conditions: see if you can survive Benefits Package and Routine Inspection
  • Administrative Chamber: access your Permanent Record beyond a mysterious locked door in the House
  • New House of Hades Events: the god of the dead’s residence is livelier than ever
  • Expanded Story: hours of added narrative featuring Nyx, Chaos, Artemis, Zeus, and more

Infernal Arms, Aspects, & Abilities

  • Twin Fists: new! Unlock earlier weapons to reveal this (once you return from an escape attempt)
  • Twin Fists (Zagreus Aspect): new! Gain attack speed and dodge chance
  • Twin Fists (Talos Aspect): new! Drag foes to you with the power of the Magnetic Cutter
  • Twin Fists (Demeter Aspect): new! Obliterate foes with the power of the Giga Cutter
  • Stygian Blade (Arthur Aspect): new! Seek Nyx to learn more (unlock Guan Yu and Blade aspects first)
  • Eternal Spear (Guan Yu Aspect): Spin attack now bounces off obstacles rather than passing through
  • Adamant Rail: increased accuracy; now the sixth weapon to be unlocked, after the Twin Fists
  • Added one more frame of invulnerability to the Dash (you now are fully invulnerable until you can move)

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