Heavy Rain versus Alan Wake HD screenshot comparison

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Alan Wake and Heavy Rain are without a doubt two of the most anticipated games for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2010. So we at GamingBolt decided to do a screen shot comparison to gauge how these games compare with each other. On a side note, Heavy rain comes out 23rd February and Alan Wake sometime in May, 2010.

Please note: Click on the images to see in full screen. Also the first image is from Alan Wake and the second is from Heavy Rain in each of the comparisons.

Comparison 1:

In the first comparison we consider the two main characters from both the games. Alan from Alan Wake and Ethan Mars, a journalist from Heavy Rain. Alan Wake looks very realistic in the image below. The lighting effects on his face and the detailed wrinkles and the top notch character animation just go to show that the team at Remedy is really maxing out the Xbox 360. On the other hand, Ethan from Heavy Rain looks just as realistic. In the screenshot, it’s raining, so finer details like the hair not well set and the beard getting wet due to showers are all very well represented in the screen shot. It’s tough to decide a winner on this one, so I will let you guys choose one.

Comparison 2:

Here we compare the characters when they are actually outside and interacting with other characters in the game. Alan Wake again looks OK in this one. I am disappointed by some of the lightning effects on the fat guy, there is something not right about it. Heavy Rain on the other end is stunning to look at. The mud on the characters suit, the rain drops just sleeking across the body and the highly detailed background objects like the truck have been implemented very well. Heavy Rain takes this one for me.

Comparison 3:

In this round of comparison, we stack the two games to conclude which game looks better when they are in an enclosed environment. Alan Wake with its brilliant lighting and shadow engine, looks very immaculate. The details in the Heavy Rain screen shot is just as detailed. If you ignore the object pop ups, which are a part of the game play, the interiors do look very detailed just like Alan Wake. Well, I hate to say it but we have another tie in this round.

Comparison 4:

Here we compare the environments in both the game. Since both have pretty dark themes this will again be a tough round to declare a winner. Alan Wake environments are stunning. I can’t possible describe it more, but I will try. The forest feels so much alive in the game and Alan weaving through them using his torch equals scary moments and fun game play. Heavy Rain again has a darkish theme, but to me the environments are much more detailed in Alan Wake. Alan Wake wins here! Each of the two games won one round and we had two ties.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below.

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