Hellblade Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

Everything you need to know about Hellblade

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Hellblade Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game


Ninja Theory

Ninja Theroy



Release Date:2015

Hellblade is an upcoming action based hack and slash video game that is currently being developed by Cambridge based developers, Ninja Theroy, not to be confused with Team Ninja. Ninja Theory who developed the popular action franchise reboot for Devil May Cry with 2013’s DMC: Devil May Cry are developing Hellblade exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

The game is currently slated for a launch at some time in 2015, though a more specific date has yet to be released. Ninja Theory are also set to publish the game, saying that it will be an “Independent AAA” game.

While nothing official has been confirmed, the game is currently expected to be available at both retail and via digital download.

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Ninja Theory find themselves in a strange situation when it comes to developing video games alongside Sony and specifically for PlayStation hardware. They have, in the past, promised to deliver an exclusive video game for Sony Computer Entertainment when they were teasing a sequel to Heavenly Sword, but this never came to fruition, so it’s entirely possible that this game may be the long awaited Sony exclusive title that was mentioned. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and DMC: Devil May Cry were both released on multiple platforms with Fightback being released exclusively on IOS. Since then they worked on Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes which was released wide and far across iOS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Ninja Theory have said that throughout the last 14 years of developing video games, they have come to be more than proficient in three areas of gameplay that both define their games and are recognisable as being Ninja-Theory-esque. A perfect example of this is the Capcom developed Devil May Cry compared to the Ninja Theory developed DMC: Devil May Cry. DMC, though featuring the same type of combat and similar characterization to that of its Capcom counterpart, feels decidedly different in regards to how Dante and Vergil feel when they’re being controlled and how the games look overall, with DMC being considerably more saturated and dynamic.

The three key areas that Ninja Theory has worked to refine are their ninja-class combat (fast, hard hitting and lethal to both player and foe), strong character stories (once again, players of DMC’s DLC, Vergil’s Downfall and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West will recognize this) and a unique art vision. Once again, perfectly personified in the aforementioned games.

They have since stated that all three of these features will be key in developing their next game. Because of this, they intend on taking these three strengths and running with them. Hellblade is said to be focused on bring players a deep character narrate within a warped world and, as you’ve come to expect, some truly brutal, edge of your seat combat.

Despite the rough 2015 predicted launch window, the game is said to be early in its development cycle. With Nina Theory developing the game and self publishing it, they have said that it will be a “independent AAA” title. This means that players can expect all the polish, quality and high level of production values that have been present in prior Ninja Theory games.


Hellblade 1

Hellblade is still young in its life cycle as far as video games go, little is known about the actual game itself outside of the fact that it will include a dark world, a rich character story and excellent combat. But given that Ninja Theroy’s track record for games has been third person, extremely stylish and ludicrously hard hitting combat focused games, it’s safe to assume that the player will once again control the game from a third person perspective and progress through somewhat linear levels that are open to a certain extent of exploration whilst fighting waves of enemies of varying difficulty.


Hellblade 2

While we don’t really know anything about the games story,we do know that the games plot is based on a Celtic myth and a character called Senua that is on a personal journey through a hellish world. Interestingly enough, a little bit of research turned up the following.


Hellblade 3

Senua is the name of a Celtic Godess that was worshipped in Roman Britain, that was until the name was discovered to have been misread and was later amended and changed to Senuna. Senuna shows signs of being an amalgamation of a pre-Roman era Goddess and the Roman Goddess, Minerva. This joining of contradictory beliefs is called syncretism. Minerva, in Roman times was a daughter of Jupiter and was Goddess of healers, doctors and medicine. Whether or not these points are related to Senua are purely speculative.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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