Hellraid Wiki: Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Hellraid.

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Hellraid Wiki: Everything you need to know about the game




PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Genre:Action Adventure

Release Date:2014

Hellraid is a brand new upcoming first person hack & slash action fantasy video game from Polish video game developers Techland (team behind Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood and Dead Island) that is set to release on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at some point in 2013, no official date has yet been confirmed.

The game will feature both single player and multiplayer game modes that will enable cooperative and competitive game modes.

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Before Hellraid was planned and being developed as a unique IP (intellectual property), it was originally going to be a mod for Techland’s popular first person zombie survival action game, “Dead Island”.  Since then the game has become its own entity and was first being developed under the title “Project Hell”.

Being described by the developers as an amalgam of the best gameplay mechanics of The Elder Scrolls and Dead Island, the game takes place in a fixed first person perspective.  It is also said to be the spiritual successor to the 1990’s cult classic hits, Hexen (id Software & Raven Software) and Witchaven video games, which are both also first person fantasy action games. The game is being built on Chrome Engine 5, which has already been used in the previous Techland games, Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide.


Hellraid (3)

Hellraid will be played from a first person hack and slash perspective, similar to that of Torn Banner Studios Chivalry Medieval Warfare. The player must make use of a parry and blocking system built around player skill and reaction times to fend off and ultimately do combat with enemies from hell’s legions.

The games content will be randomly generated, but not much information regarding exactly what this means is currently available. The game features an online multiplayer component as well as three player cooperative play. Players will have access to sword and axe wielding barbarians, the defensive magics of the Paladin, the power arcane arts of the Mage and the quiet precision of the Rogue.

While playing through the game, the player can expect to encounter many carious types of NPCS (non player characters), so far we’ve been made aware of a mysterious Archmage, a somewhat reclusive and close to nature Herbalist and finally a blacksmith. In between your quests and mission objectives you can trade with the Blacksmith for goods, he can also presumably craft you new supplies, gear and pieces of equipment.

Although none of these characters have been mentioned in regards to altering the plot, it is expected that they are to send the player (or players) on side missions and side quests, both to extend the gameplay and to introduce the player to new “loot”. (Pieces of equipment or currency etc dropped by an opponent upon their death.)

The game also boasts a wealth of enemies for the player to combat. Thus far we have been introduced to:

The Necromancer – Necromancers are powerful dark warlocks, bound by dark mystical energies , whilst playing the game the necromancer can attack the player with various dark spells, revive fallen comrades and summon more monsters into the fray.

Blinded – The blinded is a ginormous enemy clad in a suit of plate armour to help ward of attackers attempts at killing him, he wields a massive two handed axe and focuses on closing with the player to best bring his axe into play.  His axe attack can leave a dark mark on the ground as well as destroy all objects in his way; this attack deals particularly heavy damage.

Minotaur – The Minotaur is a creature that was locked in stocks and imprisoned in one of the hells, having successfully freed itself of its servitude, the Minotaur now only wants one thing, which is to kill humans. It will charge through corridors hoping to pin and crush the players with the stocks it is still caught in. Even if the player can dodge his charge, they must remain wary of his follow up attack. A mighty kick with nail studded boots.

Bloodhunter – The bloodhunter is a fast and agile, very nimble character. Bloodhunters can attack the player by jumping at, and latching onto the characters face. The creature will then proceed to rip and tear at the players face with long sharp claws until being dispatched. The Bloodhunter also employs a “Dire Scream”, although this hasn’t been elaborated on by developers, it is expected to induce some sort of status ailment upon the player’s character.


Hellraid (4)

In the world of Hellraid, a few select individuals are chosen as defenders. They must wage war and do battle against hell’s armies and legions. To accomplish this you must stride into battle, through horrid swamps and prions of squalor, wielding both magic and sword for the forces of good. You must battle the demons of hell and explore this now destroyed world.


Players will have access to the following type of weapons:

  • Melee Weapons
  • Magical Weapons
  • Ranged Weapons
  • Throwables
  • Shields

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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