Hitman Episode Two: Sapienza Guide- Cheats, Opportunities, Achievements, And Trophies

Your guide to the second episode of Hitman.

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IO Interactive’s quest to reboot Hitman and modernize Agent 47 continues- after the success of Paris, the first episode of the rebooted Hitman, we get Sapienza this month, which takes Agent 47 to a coastal Italy town- in other words, a location far different than the dense urban metropolis that was Paris. Sapienza brings with it all new ways to play, and new ways to approach stealth and assassinations- and while we are sure a lot of you are good enough players to be able to figure your way through the new episode for yourself, for others who may need help? We’re here with this guide to assist you.

From Trophies/Achievements to Opportunities to cheat codes, this Hitman Episode 2- Sapienza guide will be your one stop guide for all the tips and tricks you may need to tackle the next episode in Agent 47’s odyssey. If you need more help with Hitman Episode 2- Sapienza, also check out our complete walkthrough with ending for it.


Hitman allows you to take out enemies in awesomely creative ways, truly putting the ’emergent’ in emergent gameplay. The videos below show you some of the ways you can take down unsuspecting enemies- try them for yourself in the game. It is massively satisfying.

Cheat Codes And Cheats:

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This video can help you learn some neat trips and exploits, that will enable you to receive Unlimited Health, Unlimited Ammo, No Reload, Invisible, Silent, Perfect Takedowns, Give All Tools, Give All Devices, Give Machine Gun, Give Shotgun, and Give Sniper Rifle.

Achievements And Trophy Guide:

Die By the Sword

Complete World of Tomorrow.

Not in the Guidebook

Complete all Opportunities in World of Tomorrow.

Sapienza Escalated

Complete Level 5 of an Escalation Contract set in Sapienza.

Plan Ahead

Select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Sapienza.

Amalfi Pearl

Reach Sapienza Mastery Level 20.

The Sapienza Trinity

Eliminate Silvio during therapy, down his plane with a cannon and shoot him through the telescope.

Let No Joyful Voice be Heard

Awaken the Kraken!

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