Infinity Blade III: Why You Need To Play It

It’d be a real shame to miss the third and final game in the series if you own an iDevice.

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There are plenty of mobile gaming fans out there and there are even more people who own smart phones. There is no shortage of people who enjoy both, but for the most part if you’re a dedicated gamer who is into mobile gaming and handhelds then you’ve probably got more than a smartphone. ChAIR Entertainment is trying to change all that  by turning iOS7 into a gamer’s mobile platform with thier Infinity Blade series. If you own an iPhone and you’re sick of playing Angry Birds then the newest installment of the Infinity Blade series is for you. Gamers and Apple fans sure have something to look forward to with this title, as it promises to bring a complex, and intricately crafted experience to iDevice owners and an experience that is almost unheard of for the mobile smartphone market

 Well, let’s get the basics out of the way first. Infinity Blade III is an RPG that was released exclusively for iOS 7 on September 18th, 2013 and is promising to be the exciting conclusion to the Infinity Blade series. It’s bringing back the main protagonist from the previous titles as they battle with the Workers of Secrets, and their army of warriors.

This franchise has come a long way since it’s initial release. If you’ve played some of the previous titles you may remember some of the frustration with the controls, and the lack of response. Those are a thing of the past now as ChAIR drives forward, with not only updated graphics, but a better control scheme for all that lovely, real-time combat and swordplay. The game’s story picks up where it left off from the second game, as you try to avenge your father’s death, however things have become decidedly more complicated and deep as this franchise has moved forward, with new villains as well as allies being revealed as the series has progressed.

This post-apocalyptic, world of tomorrow has a strong connection to classic fantasy, though after what seemed like much beating around the bush in previous games it has finally come out that the abilities utilized by the characters don’t revolve around magic at all, but incredibly advanced technology. It’s portrayed in a very magical and indescribable light, however, and really has a fantastic feel to it; and the technology is so advanced it might as well be magic.

Infinity Blade III looks absolutely beautiful, especially for a game that is running on a smartphone. Not only that, but it’s also incredibly flexible. Gamers who aren’t quite ready to make the jump to the new iPhone or to upgrade their OS should still be able to play this as long as they’ve got an iPhone 4.

Now, with that said there are some wonderful little extras that owners of the new iPhone will get, like better graphics, lighting and effects, but even without all the bells and whistles turned on this game still looks gorgeous. While it may not outpace the more graphically intensive hardware, mobile included. The Infinity Blade series certainly takes smartphone gaming to the next level of detail, immersion and good old-fashioned story telling. If you’re worried about the gameplay being centered off of the touchscreen than you can put those concerns to rest. The combat flows well as the player slashes quickly across the screen with their finger to make an attach, and the movement is fluid and smooth when the players are outside of combat.

Gamer’s who own an iPhone should really take this prized piece and run with it. For about $7.00 USD this game is an absolute steal. ChAIR is trying to do what few other developers have attempted, let alone succeeded at in the smartphone Market. With all the saturation of iDevices out there, it’s no wonder this was the platform ChAIR Entertainment chose to go with, but even they may have outdone themselves with the third game in the series. There is some wonderful talent behind this game, from the voice acting to it’s team of developers there’s really a lot to look forward to.

If iFans and gamers really want to see more high quality titles like this in the future of the iPhone, or just mobile hardware in general this is a series that deserves the support of the gaming community. It’s at the very least a wonderful example of how far mobile technology has come in such a short amount of time and all that can be done with a dedicated development team. It’s games like The Infinity Blade series that will continue to push mobile gaming forward and help legitimize smartphones as a power, mobile gaming platform.

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