Kingdom Hearts 3 All Keyblades Guide – How To Make Ultima Weapon, Orichalum Locations, and More

Want to develop the most powerful weapon in the game? We have you covered!

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Kingdom Hearts 3 features 15 Keyblades, 3 of which are available as pre-order bonuses. These three are Midnight Blue which was a Pre-order bonus for PS4, the Phantom Green which was a Pre-order bonus for Xbox One and Dawn til Dusk which was a pre-order bonus for Amazon. We have listed the abilities for these three as well as the other 12 below.

Pre-Order Bonuses Keyblades:

Midnight Blue: Blizzaga – Blizzard Up

Phantom Green: Thundaga – Thunder Up

Dawn Till Dusk: Firaga – Fire Up

In-Game Keyblades:

Kingdom Key: This is your default key.

Abilities: Treasure Magnet

Hero’s Origin: Complete Olympus world to unlock.

Abilities: Defender

Shooting Star: Complete Twilight Town world to unlock.

Abilities: Magic Treasure Magnet

Favorite Deputy: Complete Toy Box world to unlock.

Abilities: Lucky Strike.

Ever After: Complete Kingdom of Corona world to unlock.

Abilities: Leaf Bracer.

Happy Gear: Complete Monstropolis world to unlock.

Abilities: Focus Converter.

Crystal Snow: Complete Arendelle world to unlock.

Abilities: Freeze Protection.

Wheel of Fate: Complete The Caribbean world to unlock.

Abilities: Waterza.

Nano Gear: Complete San Fransokyo world to unlock.

Abilities: Stun Protection.

Starlight: Complete Keyblade Graveyard world to unlock.

Abilities: MP Haste.

Hunny Spout: Complete 100 Acre Woods world to unlock.

Abilities: Harvest.

Ultima Weapon: Find all 58 Synthesize materials to make this weapon. Below you fill a guide that will show you how one can be made.

Abilities: Combo Boost – Air Combo Boost – Situation Boost.

How To Make Ultima Weapon In Kingdom Hearts 3:

Easily the most powerful weapon in the game, it’s unlikely you will be able to develop this before the game’s ending. You require 58 Synthetic materials which isn’t easy so its best you develop this weapon after the game ends.

You need the following materials to make one:

  • x7 Orichalum+ x2 – Locations are below.
  • Wellspring Crystal x2
  • Lucid Crystal x2 – You will get one Lucid Crystal if you synthesize Lucid Gem x2, Lucid Stone x 3, Wellspring Crystal X 1 and Lucid Shard x 5.
  • Pulsing Crystal

Where To Find Orichalum+ – Orichalum Locations:

You can find them in the following locations:

  • The treasure chest in the heartless island found in the Caribbean world.
  • Use the Moogle Shop Postcard to get a random reward. This may include a Orichalum.
  • In all 7 Seven Princesses pudding mini games, earn a high score.
  • Find 80 Lucky Emblems.
  • Defeat the Omega Machine in the Eclipse Galaxy during the Gummiship sequence.
  • The treasure chest in The Final World has Orichalcum.

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