LEGO DC Super-Villains Guide: Red Bricks Locations And Cheat Codes For Character Unlocks

Some tips and tricks for LEGO DC Super-villains.

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LEGO DC Super-Villains has, as is usually the case with these LEGO games, a whole lot of collectibles for you to track down and, well, collect. The chief of these are the Red Bricks, which have long been the bane (pun unintended) of those who play these games. In this guide, we help you track down all of them—then, we also share some cheats for you to be able to unlock some cool stuff in the game.

So let’s get started.


There are 20 Red Bricks in the game, one in each of the levels, and then one in each of the Bonus levels. You can take the elevator to go up STAR Labs in Metropolids to keep track of which ones you have. As always, the ones you collect can also be used to unlock abilities for yourself. Below, you can see where the Red Bricks in each of the levels are:

  1. The Red Brick can be found on the Clock Tower, in the hands of a gold statue
  2. This one is just swimming about in a fish-tank. Said fish-tank will be on the second level of the building.
  3. Rapidly hit all five targets in the lab
  4. Go to the roof above the party, and destroy the statue there
  5. When battling Hugo Strange, you will see a Golden Grate. Destroy that to go down into a secret area, where you can find the Brick for this level
  6. Grow the plants that bounce light, and use them to light up the center dome
  7. Go through the waste barges to find this one, but be careful! They’re called “hazardous” for a reason…
  8. There’s a Red Brick on display. You gotta mirror jump to it. Good luck!
  9. Make a sea beast happy by singing a happy song
  10. Enter the three digit code into the safe to get the Brick here (use Detective Vision to know what the code is)
  11. Use mind control on the Party Parademon
  12. You see all those Amazonian Bells? You know what you have to do
  13. Find the GRAFFITI wall in the Hall of Justice, then tag it so it gets destroyed. Assemble the Treadmill, run on it as Flash to collect the 10 pieces in the Speed Force, and then assemble those to make a container that is holding a Red Brick. Whew.
  14. Fly down from the Wayne Manor Offices to find two portals. Activate both to find the cabinet holding the Brick
  15. Hidden at the top of Darksied’s throne

Bonus Levels:

  1. There’s a bat switch under the giant gear and chain. Activate it.
  2. When battling Stompa, er, grow a flower. Look, do you want that Brick or?
  3. Graffiti the wall near the starting area of the level
  4. It’s in Kanto’s Trophy Room. Good luck!
  5. In the Granny section


These codes unlock characters that you may ordinarily unlock simply by playing the game. So, the best way to get them is by actually earning them in the game. If you don’t want to wait to do that, you can use these codes, but do keep in mind that even using these codes doesn’t complete the requisite missions or objectives these characters were locked behind—you’re still going to have to do that.

  • Clayface: YUCOP3
  • General Zod: D8577
  • Black Canary: ND6AL
  • Harley Quinn: PLG1z
  • Detective Chimp: BQWSG
  • Green Lantern John Stewart: KNJ2P
  • Firestorm: HFMHM
  • Adam Strange: QF7NT
  • Clock King: Z6AU7
  • Blue Beetle: 8VV5Q
  • Doctor Fate: KPTCC
  • Red Tornado: CKDRF
  • Monseiur Mallah: GM9MX
  • Atrocitus: 9RHJJ
  • Dexstarr: KFLQM
  • Hawk Girl: LNSB9
  • Martian Manhunter: Y7MFR
  • Terra: F79GU
  • Star Sapphire: QD2GY
  • Dr Light: 6NWX5
  • Lady Shiva: XQP2L
  • Jessica Cruz: S5DB6
  • Doctor Poison: GWWBS
  • Toyman: VB5AS
  • Plasticman: E6HUY
  • Mr Mxyzptlk: NURPU
  • Red Robin: JNLPY
  • The Trickster: YRZMS
  • Ravager: UVWHS

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