Life is Strange 2 Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

Everything you need to know about Life is Strange 2.

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Publisher:  Square Enix

Developer:  Dontnod Entertainment

Platforms:  PS4, Xbox One, PC

Genre:  Action Adventure

Release Date:  Episode 1: September 27, 2018; Episode 2: TBA; Episode 3: TBA; Episode 4: TBA; Episode 5: TBA

Life is Strange 2 is an episode graphic adventure game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix. It is the third main instalment in the Life is Strange series, and the second to be developed by French Studio Dontnod Entertainment.


Dontnod Entertainment began development on Life is Strange 2 in early 2016, but even before proper development on the game began, the studio had decided that any potential sequel would feature a completely different setting and set of characters from the first game. Core members of the first game’s development team have all reprised their roles for Life is Strange 2. Michel Koch and Raoul Barbet return as the game’s directors, Jean-Luc Cano and Christian Divine are once the lead writers, while the first game’s music composer, Jonathan Morali, also returns to compose Life is Strange 2’s soundtrack, which will consist of newly composed tracks as well as new licensed music, similar to the first game. Just like its predecessor and Before the StormLife is Strange 2 will consist of five episodes, with the first episode confirmed for release on September 27 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. A release date for the other four episodes hasn’t yet been confirmed.

While Life is Strange was made using Unreal Engine 3, the sequel is developed on Unreal Engine 4, which allows the developers to make some enhancements to both the visuals as well as the gameplay. Improved physics and shaders have been implemented, while the game will also have better animations, thanks to the improved engine. Additionally, motion capture work was also done for the game, and began in August of 2017. Players can now also interact with dialog trees by choosing dialog options while their character is moving in gameplay, which could also be done in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, the standalone prequel episode to Life is Strange 2 (which was also made on Unreal Engine 4). Dontnod have also spoken about the artificial intelligence of the character of Daniel, who is one of the two main protagonists but serves as a companion character from a gameplay perspective, and how handling that has been one of the biggest challenges for them during development.

Life is Strange 2 was written in the style of a road movie, with the intention of keeping the players constantly moving and seeing new locations and meeting new characters. Inspiration was taken for the same from several sources, including the films Stand by Me and  Into the Wild, the novella Of Mice and Men. The writing team also travelled across the West Coast of the United States to conduct field research, and also visited Mexico to conduct research on the background of the heritage of the two main characters of Life is Strange 2. Dontnod Entertainment had also been emphasizing since before development on the game even began that Chloe and Max, the two protagonists of the first game, would not be returning in Life is Strange 2, since they felt their story had been told completely. They also did not want to canonize any of the game’s two main endings, but did confirm that based on which ending players chose, Life is Strange 2 would be impacted in some way.


life is strange 2

Life is Strange 2 focuses on two main protagonists- the sixteen year old Sean Diaz, who is the playable character, and his younger brother, nine year old Daniel Diaz, both of Mexican descent. After the two get caught up an a bizarre supernatural incident that ends up with a police officer getting killed, they have to go on the run from the law, with the game following their journey as they go from Seattle to their home in Puerto Lobos in Mexico.

Though it has not been confirmed how exactly it will happen, Dontnod Entertainment have confirmed that Chris Eriksen, who was the protagonist of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, will also return as a character in Life is Strange 2. It was also confirmed by the developers that just as Life is Strange centred around the power of being able to rewind time, so too would Life is Strange 2 feature its own new unique power, though what that will be has not yet been confirmed.


Life is Strange 2

Life is Strange 2 is a graphic adventure game, which means it will mostly be a narrative focused experience similar to its predecessors. Players will be able to move around environments and interact with objects that they see, as well as engage NPCs in conversations, which then involve dialog wheels and choices. Thanks to the new Unreal Engine 4, similar to The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, players will now be able to choose dialog options while making their character move around the environment. Choices made by players in the game will have an impact on how the story progresses, while it has also been confirmed that choices made in Captain Spirit will also be carried over to Life is Strange 2– though exactly in what capacity, and how much of an impact they will have, is not known at this point.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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