Mafia 3 Mega Guide: Unlimited Health, Ammo, Money, Upgrades, Fastest Car And More

A complete guide for Mafia 3.

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Mafia 3 Mega Guide: Unlimited Health, Ammo, Money, Upgrades, Fastest Car And More

Mafia 3 may not be the game we all wanted it to be, but it’s still a significantly important game- it’s a game that takes a stand with its subject matter, and a game that doesn’t shy away from being controversial. Amidst all the discussion of Mafia 3‘s themes and controversial content, one, however, tends to forget that there is also an open world game in the mix. It’s not the best open world game – indeed, early reviews indicate that it may be a bit of a repetitious grind – but it’s one that will likely find a lot of players nonetheless.

It’s an open world that comes with all the trappings of modern open world games- a non linear structure, and loads of collectibles littered around the map, as well as upgrades to deck your character out with. If you happen to be one of the players for Mafia 3, then you probably want to get the most out of the game. That’s where we come in with this guide. From upgrades to collectibles (Hot Rod Magazines, Vargas Paintings, Junction Boxes, Propaganda Posters), from cheat codes to the fastest car in the game, to some of the Achievements and Trophies available, our Mafia 3 Mega Guide will help navigate you through all the game’s many intricacies.

Upgrade Guide:

Upgrades in Mafia 3 work in a very interesting way- they are perks that are available to you as ‘favors’ that you receive from your three underbosses, and they come complete with a skill tree like progression of their own. Give a capo control over more districts of the city, increase their earnings, and you’ll unlock more favors and upgrades from them.

There are three upgrade trees available, each corresponding to a capo. These are:

Cassandra’s Favors

  • Starting: Mobile arms dealer, lets you buy weapons from Jackie D.
  • $30000:  Screanubg Zemi, a throwable distraction
  • $60000: Gunsmith, improving your accuracy
  • $100000: Operator, shutting down area phones for 5 minutes
  • $140000: Gunsmith, increasing ammo capacity
  • $180000: Screaming Zemi, a smoke bomb
  • $220000: Gunsmith, reducing recoil
  • $270000: Operator, shutting down area phones for 10 minutes
  • $320000: Screaming Zemi, exploding distraction
  • $370000: Gunsmith, quick reloads
  • $420000: Operator, allowing you to kill phones and call backup

Vito’s Favors

  • Starting: Consigliere, allowing you to save money without visiting a bank
  • $30000: Hit Squad, allowing you to call armed backup to your location
  • $60000: Mob Doc, allowing you to add one more health segment
  • $100000: Mob Doc, increasing adrenaline shot storage by +1
  • $140000: Consigliere, reveals enemy locations and allows you to collect kickback
  • $180000: Mob Doc, allowing for faster health recovery
  • $220000: Enforcer Squad, allowing you to call in heavily armed backup
  • $270000: Mob Doc, allowing you to add another health bar
  • $320000: Mob Doc, allowing you to restore full health via an adrenaline shot
  • $370000: High Impact Squad, allowing you to call in an elite four-man kill team
  • $420000: Mob Doc, allowing you to reach the maximum number of health bars allowed

Burke’s Favors

  • Starting: Vehicle Delivery, allowing you to call in a car
  • $30000: Clear Blue Zone, leading to cops to ignore crimes committed for 30 seconds
  • $60000: Cops Nearby, marks nearby cops on your radar
  • $100000: Explosives Supply, allows you to purchase explosives from arms dealers
  • $140000: Clear Blue Zone, leading to cops ignoring crimes for 2 minutes
  • $180000: Covert Car Theft, lets you steal cars undetected
  • $220000: Clear All Zones, leading to all cops ignoring all crimes for 2 minutes
  • $270000: Additional Explosives, letting you carry increased explosives
  • $320000: Clear All Zones, leading to all cops to ignore crimes for 5 minutes
  • $370000: Occupied Car Theft, letting you discreetly steal occupied cars

Collectibles Locations:

No open world game worth its salt can go without trinkets and collectibles littered all over the map for the player to hunt down these days. It is simply inconceivable- and so, Mafia 3, too, has a wide variety of collectibles that are peppered throughout its vast in game map, just waiting to be snagged by the player. Do you want help picking all of these up? Then this section of the guide is sure to help you.

Hot Rod Magazines:

What would an open world game be if it didn’t let you collect magazines of some sort, hidden all over the world? It’s seriously become a trope of open world games at this point (I personally can’t wait for the TVTropes page on the subject).

Meta commentary aside, Mafia 3 tasks the player (at least the completionist) with collecting all Hot Rod magazines. There’s a lot of them, and the game’s world is massive, so this can be a bit of an unreasonable ask. That’s where the videos below will help. The videos below, separated by location, will let you find all the Hot Rod Magazines in New Bordeaux.

Vargas Paintings:

Among the many collectibles there are in Mafia 3 are the Vargas Paintings. There’s a whole lot of them littered around the map, and for the completionist OCD player (such as yours truly), they can truly be a nightmare to hunt down. That’s where we come in. The videos below, separated by location, will let you find all the Vargas Paintings in New Bordeaux.

Junction Boxes:

There are a lot of Junction Boxes in Mafia 3 for the player to find them- and especially given how large the game’s world is, players can get frustrated trying to hunt all of them down. Never fear, though. The videos below, separated by location, will let you find all the Junction Boxes in New Bordeaux. Get to it!

Propaganda Posters:

There are 31 propaganda posters hidden throughout New Bordeaux in Mafia 3. Some of them are especially well hidden, so finding them all can be a big pain, especially if you’re a completionist. That’s where the video below comes in- it walks you through the locations where you can find all 31 propaganda posters in Mafia 3.

Mafia 3 Infinite And Unlimited Health, Money, Ammo Cheat Code:

You know what’s the primary currency of just about every video game ever made, in one form or another? The player’s health. Your in game health is how your interactions with the rest of the game’s world are determined- if your health is too low, or if you simply suck at the game and lose a lot of it, you’re going to have a hard time trying to make much headway into the game.

For Mafia 3 players who, therefore, suck, or for those who have completed the game at this point, and are just interested in it as a sandbox to muck around in, there is a cheat for the same. Please note that we have not verified whether these cheats work and we are merely reporting on this. So use them at your discretion. For infinite health this video may certainly help- it will effectively leave the player with infinite health. Furthermore one can possibly unlock infinite ammo and infinite money by checking the video here.

Fastest Car:

Mafia 3 is an open world game in a semi modern setting, so naturally, jacking and driving cars is a big part of what it is. And while most players treat cars as expendable commodities in open world games, there are those who will undoubtedly be interested in trying to land the best of the best car for themselves. In Mafia 3, that car is the De’Leo Stiletto, and it goes at over 120 miles per hour. The video below will show you just where to find one for yourself.

Achievements And Trophy Guide:

Before They Bury You

Complete “Before They Bury You

Pray on the Way Up

Complete “Pray on the Way Up”

It’s a Brave New World

Complete “It’s a Brave New World”

Fish Gotta Eat

Complete “Fish Gotta Eat”

Everyone Will Notice

Complete “Everyone Will Notice”

My Name is Lincoln Clay

Complete “My Name is Lincoln Clay”

Little Late for That

Complete “Little Late for That”

The Poor Sumb****

Complete “The Poor Sumb****”

Burn Like Napalm

Complete “Burn Like Napalm”

Certainly Was Exciting

Complete “Certainly Was Exciting”

Yet Here We Are 

Complete “Yet Here We Are”

Somethin’ I’ve Gotta Do 

Complete “Somethin’ I’ve Gotta Do”

For Old Time’s Sake 

Complete “For Old Time’s Sake”

Cut & Run 

Complete “Cut & Run”

We Partners Now 

Complete “We Partners Now”

Sure Thing, Boss

Unlock all Associates

IRA Don’t Ask 

Complete “IRA Don’t Ask”

I Need a Favor

Complete “I Need a Favor”

.45 in My Hand

Complete “.45 in My Hand”

Cash in Hand

Save $150,000 between your wallet and the bank

Baby, You’re a Rich Man 

Earn $500,000


Get the maximum earn from one of your Rackets

Hole in Your Pocket 

Spend at least $500,000

Big Earner 

Receive $10,000 in earn from one Underboss

The New Boss 

Flip 16 Racket Bosses

Live Another Day 

Recruit 15 Racket Informants

No Loose Ends 

Kill all of the Racket Bosses

Can’t Trust a Rat 

Kill 15 Racket Informants

Custom 358 

Drive at 120 mph or faster for 20 seconds

Testing the Shocks 

While driving, perform a 50-meter jump and land on your wheels

New Bordeaux Drifter 

While driving, drift for at least 5 seconds

One Good Turn 

Make a 180 degree turn at high speed without hitting anything


Execute 10 Vehicle Takedowns

Combat Specialist 

Kill 300 enemies using Takedowns

Shh, shh 

Perform 100 Stealth Takedowns on enemies

Closed Casket 

Perform 50 Brutal Takedowns

Softened ‘Em Up 

Completely weaken a Racket by killing all of its Enforcers

I’m Goin’ In! 

Attack a Racket without killing any Enforcers

Standard Communication Grid 

Wiretap the Delray Hollow Smack Racket

Recruited to 5th SFG 

Perform 5 headshots in 5 seconds

Bon Appétit! 

Feed a body to an alligator

Next Time Swim Faster

Get eaten by an alligator

Sending A Message

Chain together 3 or more Brutal Takedowns

Code 112 

Steal a Police car

Insurance Risk

Escape a Police Zone after being chased for 2 minutes


Make 10 enemies kill themselves with their own Molotovs

Real Nice Time 

Complete “Real Nice Time”

The Connection to Cuba 

Complete “The Connection to Cuba”

There’s a War Goin’ On 

Complete “There’s a War Goin’ On”

Never Saw it Coming 

Kill an enemy within 2 seconds of kicking open a door

We’re in This Together 

Keep all Underbosses alive until “Yet Here We Are”

Just You and Me 

Keep only one Underboss alive until “Yet Here We Are”


Reach the Loyal state with one Underboss


Reach the Loyal state with all three Underbosses

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