Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Guide – Tips, Tricks, How To Heal And Co-op

Some general tips to get going in Mario’s latest crossover.

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Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle may look like a cutesy, simplified take on the XCOM formula- but it has its own nuances, and it can be uncharacteristically difficult if you let it catch you off guard. There are a fair few things to keep track of in battle- and in this guide, we walk you through some of them, so you don’t ever get caught wrong footed by those pesky Rabbids.


Arguably what makes the game hardest is the fact that there is basically no healing- and not just that, but your health is persistent battle to battle within a chapter in the game. All of which is to say, health is a precious commodity.

There are a few ways of restoring health- Red Mushrooms can restore some, but they are very rare, and not all that effective to begin with; Rabbid Queen has a Heal ability, although it comes with a cooldown period; Rabbid Peach has a Heal, too, though you need 20 orbs to unlock it on her skill tree.


Co-op is unlocked after beating the first world- and you unlock more co-op campaigns as you beat more of the main campaign by going to the Buddy Dome in Peach’s Castle. Keep the following in mind regarding the co-op:

  • It is only playable locally
  • Friendly fire is a thing in this mode- try not to catch your friend in your line of fire.


  • Take your time in the overworld. Don’t just move from one area to the next- take your time, explore, poke around, and uncover secrets.
  • Upgrade weapons. Weapons are the primary way your progression in this game is measured, which means you need to keep buying better weapons for all your characters the first chance you get
  • Upgrade characters. Use the skill tree to upgrade more abilities for each character- and possibly, even to specialize them and give them specific roles in combat
  • Experiment with your team makeup. This goes without saying- like any strategy game, you want to swap your roster out and see what team makeup you do best with. There are many characters, and each have their own perks and disadvantages. Figure out who works best for you, and keep switching out, using different compositions for different situations
  • Use your characters’ abilities and techniques. Each character gets unique abilities and techniques, in addition to general ones such as Dash and Team Jump- use these to turn the tides of battle in your favor. Experiment with them to see which characters you like best

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