Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Guide – Weapons And Golden Weapons Locations

A guide to finding weapons in Mario+Rabbids.

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Your primary progression in Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is governed by the weapons you have (though of course, you upgrade your characters, too). As such, finding new weapons can be paramount. In this guide, we tackle the location of the weapons hidden about in the first three worlds of the game.


  • Killer Extinct
    Go through the blue cannon and collect all the rings
  • Bwah Blaster
    Activate a yellow switch in order to activate the red ring and unlock a chest
  • Gold Weapons
    Beat the World’s secret level.
  • Gold Weapons
    Finding Gold Weapons requires you to beat the World’s secret level
  • Rumble Bee
    Activate the Red Ring in 1-1, and collect the weapon from the chest after collecting the coins
  • Turbine
    After using the first canon in 1-2, use the canon on the right to get launched into a special stage. Complete the special stage
  • Rainbow Runner
    Activate the red ring near the stone maze area and get this from the chest in World 1-4.
  • Spike Striker
    In 1-5, after crossing the wooden bridges, hit the green switch, and enter the blue cannon. Complete the challenge.
  • Bowser Basher
    After collecting the Spike Striker, return to the wooden bridges, and hit all the switches, and activate the Red Ring.


  • Thunderceptor
    From the previous weapon, continue down the path, and activate a yellow switch. A little ahead, go through the blue cannon, and complete the challenge
  • Special Delivery
    In 2-8, activate the red ring in the frost maze
  • Hog Wild
    Push boxes down a frosty path at Peach’s Castle- this should unlock a Red Ring, which you can activate to unlock a chest.
  • Bwahnzai Bill
    In 2-1, push a ball down a slope; this should allow you to activate a Red Ring, and in turn, a chest.
  • Brute
    In 2-3, you will come across a cannon and a chest. You need to progress through the cannon and complete the challenge.
  • Prickly Persuader
    While crossing the wooden bridges, activate the Red Ring.


  • Royal Rabbid
    You need to pick up the statues and activate the Red Ring.
  • Thorn Scorn
    In 3-1, go through a tube to activate a Red Ring.
  • Crosshead Orb
    Go through a blue cannon and save Toadette. Once you are down, complete the Challenge.
  • No Pity Kitty
    It’s next to the Boo statue.
  • Hydrant Hammer
    You need to go through the blue cannon immediately after the boss battle and complete the challenge
  • Brunnehildea
    At the end of  3-7, activate the Red Ring.

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