Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Guide – How to Perform Synergy Attacks and Infinity Rift Locations

Synergy Attacks will help in combat while the Infinity Rifts are key to unlocking new challenges.

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As you play Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order and level up your roster, Synergy Traits will start to emerge. When unlocking skills for a character, you’ll notice that they have Synergy Traits, of which there are 15 in total. Pairing specific heroes and their traits together will result in Synergy Attacks, which can be fairly devastating.

How to Perform Synergy Attacks

  • Synergy Attacks feature two characters executing a combination attack. Hold down R and select the appropriate attack to start a Synergy Attack. Conversely, if an ally is performing one, just press A to perform one. What are all the different combos that can be executed though? Let’s take a look below.
  • Elemental Barrage (Barrage/Area Assault + Whirlwind/Burn): Enemies will be torn apart by a tornado of slashes.
  • Scatter Shot (Rapid-Fire + Rapid-Fire): A rapid-fire attack with exploding projectiles.
  • Surge (Launch + Launch): Create a huge shockwave that will send enemies airborne.
  • Coalesce (Burn + Whirlwind): Creates a fiery tornado.
  • Catalyst (Bash + Burn): Knocks back enemies further away.
  • Crash (Barrage + Area Assault): Area-of-effect shockwaves that will cause damage to enemies.
  • Shockwave (Bash + Bash): Execute a shockwave with greater range.
  • Tremor (Slam + Slam): Trips up all surrounding enemies while those at the attack’s center take damage.
  • Calamity (Whirlwind + Bash): Explosive tornado which damages enemies in the surrounding area.
  • Reflect (Beam + Safeguard/Area Assault): A Beam that splits up and damages any enemies in its path.
  • Ricochet (Rapid-Fire + Safeguard/Area Assault/Whirlwind): Rapid-fire attack with projectiles that will spread out all around.
  • Resonant Blast (Beam + Beam): Fire a large beam which also damages surrounding enemies near its target location.
  • Eruption (Beam + Explosive): The Beam attack will have more explosive power to it.
  • Mega Blast (Slam + Explosive): Assault an enemy with an explosion comprised of other explosions.

Infinity Rifts

Playing Story Mode will unlock Infinity Trials, which are optional challenges set in the current levels. However, go out of your way during the story missions and you’ll find eight Infinity Rift Trials hidden in them. It’s worth noting that every time Nick Fury mentions anomalies in a level, it’s a hint at a nearby Infinity Rift so keep a look-out.

Here are the locations for all of the hidden Infinity Rifts.


After reaching the palace, you’ll head down some stairs towards the next objective. Eventually, you’ll reach a big room and see a path that winds along it. On the left side are some enemies but head to the right for the next Rift, which requires battling Nebula, Kingpin, and Ronan at level 34.

Dark Dimension

Once Elsa Bloodstone opens the way forward, you’ll travel through a few rifts. After the second, there will be a rift guarded by enemies. However, before tackling it, you’ll see a slight dip to the left which has the next Infinity Rift. It’s a level 25 Rift and requires defeating 40 enemies in The Raft. As the Trial progresses, everyone will deal more damage so don’t worry about backing off for every now and then to gather your strength.


Defeat the enemies at the beginning and head towards your objective. You’ll see a ledge on the right – head onto it and look left for the next Rift. It requires fighting Kree Justice and other enemies at level 36.


En route to the battle with Ebony Maw, you’ll enter a hyperlift. Upon exiting it, turn around at the checkpoint. The next Rift will be on the right side and it features a level 40 battle with Sandman and some lackeys. Just make sure not to pass by Cosmo and up the ramp or else the boss fight will start.

The Raft

In Chapter 2, once Sandman has been defeated and you hit the checkpoint, look for several boxes on the right and then hop over the railing. Keep going down this new path and you’ll find the Rift. It has you fighting Nebula (level 7) with your EP regeneration increased but damage reduced.


After the meeting Jessica Jones, you’ll see a bridge that heads to the area’s temple. Don’t cross the bridge just yet. Instead, head to the right and the next Rift should be there. Doctor Octopus (level 10) is the main challenge here. All of your attacks deal reduced damage but Synergy Attacks deal more. EP will also regenerate faster.

Avengers Tower

Following the meeting with Vision (after the second checkpoint), turn left at the fork to find the next Rift. You have to defeat 200 enemies on a Kree Ship to complete it. This Trial has a level 14 requirement.

Xavier Institute

Head to the garden and fight the two Sentinels before progressing. Once the area opens, go left instead of right. Head through the barriers for the next Rift – a Survival Trial where you must battle Elektra (level 21). While your health will keep draining, attacking her will heal you. Teammates can’t be revived though so play carefully.

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