Mass Effect Andromeda Research, Crafting and Augmentations Detailed

There are many ways to inflict pain in Andromeda.

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Remember that video for Mass Effect: Andromeda that detailed exploration and discovery late last week? In an official website post, Bioware has also touched in the game’s crafting and research aspects.

First off is research. As seen in previous videos, it’s possible to scan wildlife and tech. This unlocks Research Data, which in turn can lead to unlocking more rare blueprints and augmentations. This feeds directly into the crafting. You’ll need the required materials to craft something which can be obtained via merchants, exploration on-foot, mining with the Nomad’s drone or while traveling in the Tempest.

Of course, it’s possible to spruce up your gear with Augmentations. You’ve probably heard about Augmentations that can turn the Carnifex into a mini-grenade launcher of the Avenger into a lighting gun but it goes even deeper. Depending on what you place an Augmentation on, the resulting effect will be different.

For instance, an Aerial Stabilizer can either increase weapon damage while hovering when added to a gun or improve Biotic powers while airborne if applied to armour. Then there’s the Shield Disruptor which increases the power of Disruptor ammo on weapons when modded onto guns or unleashes an electrical discharge with air melee attacks if added to leg armour. Remnant “fusion mods” can also be discovered used to upgrade armour.

What are your thoughts on all the options available for crafting? Let us know in the comments. Mass Effect: Andromeda is out on March 21st for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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