Mass Effect: Andromeda Update 1.08 Goes Live Today, Patch Notes Revealed

Arrives at 8 AM PST for all platforms.

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Bioware has another update set to go live for Mass Effect: Andromeda, bringing numerous changes to the single-player campaign and multiplayer. Update 1.08 will go live at 8 AM PST as per producer Michael Gamble on Twitter.

The patch will finally bring more options to the character creator including two new heads, all hair options being available for both genders and even the ability to keep the default Alec Ryder as the father for Sara/Scott. Players will also be able to change their appearance in the middle of the game.

The update also adds Jaal as a romance option for Scott Ryder; changes to Hainly Abrams to change the flow of personal information; and several balance changes to multiplayer. You can check out both sets of patch notes below.

What are your thoughts on the update, especially with the recent report about Mass Effect: Andromeda’s troubled development? Let us know in the comments.

Single player
  • Ryder’s appearance can now be changed onboard the Tempest
  • Expanded the range of options available in the character creator
  • Jaal can now be romanced by Scott Ryder
  • Dialogue for Hainly Abrams was adjusted to change the flow of personal information she discusses with Ryder.
  • Fixed issue with Nomad upgrades Shield Crafting quest
  • Nexus level and cryo pod points are retroactively granted
  • Vendors now carry weapon mods for Level 60-71 players
  • Vendors now sell weapon augmentations for automatic fire, burst fire, and single-shot fire
  • Improved clarity of descriptions for augmentations
  • Plasma Charge system now works properly for shotguns
  • Beam Emitter augmentation now causes guns to fire a constant beam with scaling damage based on the weapon’s damage per second
  • [PC] Added experimental support for Dolby Vision™ technology
  • Stealth Grid challenge now increments properly
  • Fiend no longer sprints when within 10 meters of target, and will decelerate to base speed
  • Enabled movement correction during Fiend attacks to reduce incidence of players seeing Fiends attacking in the wrong direction
  • Improved movement prediction for some enemies in tight spaces to reduce appearance of teleportation
  • Fixed issue that prevented melee attacks if the revive icon was near center screen
  • Fixed issue where ammo pick-up audio incorrectly played
  • Fixed issue where Backlash could malfunction while moving
  • Using Stealth and Recon Visor together no longer increases duration of invisibility for Turian Agent
  • Fixed issue where weight reduction modifications wouldn’t reduce weight
  • The Revive Pack Transmitter now displays the revive radius in the loadout screen
  • Equipping the Cobra RPG now interrupts reloading
  • Player turns to Adhi when getting synced to avoid teleportation issue
  • Fixed issue where enemies would occasionally enter T-pose when hit
  • Improved visual and audio cues for player ready status in Multiplayer lobbies
  • Added “Lights” option to customization options
  • Omni-blade
    • Increased base damage from 275 to 400
  • Cryo Gauntlet
    • Increased base damage from 200 to 400
  • Asari Sword
    • Increased base damage from 400 to 740
  • Krogan Hammer
    • Increased base damage from 400 to 650
    • Increased radius from 1m to 2m
  • Krogan Headbutt
    • Increased base damage from 330 to 740
  • Salarian Infiltrator
    • Offensive Tech Rank 6: Technical Synergy upgrade will now trigger for all three powers, not just Energy Drain.
  • Energy Drain
    • Decreased Rank 6 Shields Restored bonus from 30% to 25%
  • Cryo Beam
    • Now grants 25% assist score instead of support score
  • Shockwave
    • Increased damage from 245 to 350
  • Overload
    • Increased the chaining damage when fully-charged from 100 to 300.
    • Rank 6: Maximum Charge now grants +30% to all Overload damage, not just chain damage.
  • Damage from Frag Grenade now bypasses enemy shield gates.
  • Damage from Sticky Grenade now bypasses enemy shield gates.
  • Damage from Trip Mine now bypasses enemy shield gates.
  • Increased the Tech Combo base damage from 225 to 257 on Bronze, from 350 to 400 on Silver, and from 432 to 494 on Gold. The damage over time was not affected.
  • Throw now does standard combo detonation damage (previous damage was -25%)
  • Accuracy improved for automatic weapons
  • Reduced maximum reticle size and speed of reticle bloom for automatic weapons
Assault Rifles 
  • Sweeper (changes made May 19 in server-side update)
    • Increased damage from 64–77 to 96–115
    • reduced recoil
    • changed hit reaction to a short interrupt
  • Cyclone (changes made May 19 in server-side update)
    • Increased damage from 37–47 to 59–74
  • Avenger S
    • Damage increased from 55–66 to 66–79
Pistols / SMGs
  • Talon
    • Damage increased from 76–91 to 84–101
    • Force decreased from 50 to 35
    • Weight increased from 28 to 30
  • Charger S
    • Damage increased from 47–56 to 57–68
Sniper Rifles
  • Vanquisher
    • Weight increased from 45 to 55
  • Widow
    • Weight decreased from 65 to 50
  • Indra
    • Removed large camera shake on the Indra’s first shot
  • Incisor
    • Reduced Incisor’s recoil per shot
  • Viper S
    • Damage increased from 460–552 to 610–732
  • Fiends, Hydra, Adhi, and Ascendants now wait at least two seconds to initiate a sync attack after jumping up from a lower level
  • Bronze enemies now do 5% more damage with all attacks
  • Silver enemies now do 10% more damage with all attacks
  • Gold enemies now do 10% more damage with all attacks
  • Decreased enemy shield gate duration from 0.25 seconds to 0.1 second
  • [SP] Increased enemy shield gate amount by 50%
  • [MP] Increased enemy shield gate amount on Bronze/Silver/Gold from 330/640/950 to 495/1152/1995
  • [MP] Enemies in cover take less time to attack targets that are in the open
  • Increased the distance enemies are willing to travel to execute a downed player from 9 meters to 12 meters
  • Reduced distance from which downed player can be executed
  • Slowed the wind-up for the Fiend and Ascendant’s sync attack by 20%
  • [MP] Fiend no longer sprints when within 10 meters of target, and will decelerate to base speed
  • Increased Assembler weapon damage by 10%.
  • Changed Assembler firing pattern from 4–8 shots per salvo to 4–9.
  • Damage spike at the end of the Destroyer damage field now ignores player’s health gate.
  • Observers now have a short charge-up time before attacking.
  • Converted the Pariah’s armor bar evenly into health and shields
  • Hydra’s sync attack wind-up is 20% faster and kills the target if successful

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