Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Mega Guide: Locations, unlocks, costumes and tips

Find out the collectibles and achievements using this guide.

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a hack and slash game from Platinum Games and Kojima Productions and there are a lot of unlockables for gamers to find and the game is loaded with content even though the main story can be termed as short.

The videos and description we have on the unlockables can come in handy if you are looking to get all the achievements in the game. There are tips as well for you to get a lot of XP in short time so that you can buy better swords.

The entire sword list is given below along with a bunch of other collectibles so check them out. The game released last week on the PS3 and Xbox 360 and has been met with great critical success.

Let’s start with an XP guide:

Quick and Easy BP and XP (via JustPushStart)

You can get quick XP by following this method Starting a new game can be hard, so here is a quick little method to score some quick BP (xp) to max out your equipment.

Start up chapter 2 and progress till you fall down the hole. Once you’re down there, simply run around slashing like crazy under the dwarf gekkos. If you do this correctly, then you should score 5,000+ BP for S ranking it. Head back to where you entered and a humanoid gekko will appear. These guys can drop 5,000 BP items (10,000 BP total), but you can’t over kill them.

I suggest just slice them in half and waiting for the item to spawn. After you do these two things, open your codec and select customize. Buy an item or simply exit and you will restart at that checkpoint. Rinse and repeat for roughly 15,000 BP a minute.

Video via: Admiralvic1

Unlockables Guide (via JustPushStart)

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance DLC


  • Wooden Sword = Discover all of the soldiers hidden in cardboard boxes.
  • Machete = Collect 10 Data Storage devices.
  • Stun Blade = Collect all 20 Data Storage devices.
  • Murasama = Complete the game.

  • Pole Arm = Beat Mistral.

  • Sai = Beat Monsoon.

  • Pincer Sword = Beat Sundowner.

  • Armor Breaker = Collect all 30 Arms.
  • Long Sword = “1st” every VR mission.
  • Fox Blade = DLC


  • Standard Body (MGS 4 costume, no headgear) = Beat hard or higher.
  • Suit = Beat the prologue (chapter 0) on Very Hard or better.
  • Mariachi = Complete chapter 2.
  • Custom Body (Desperado) = Complete chapter 4.
  • Custom Body (Red) = Complete 5 VR missions.
  • Custom Body (Blue) = Complete 10 VR missions.
  • Custom Body (Yellow) = Complete all 20 VR missions.

  • Infinity Wig A (unlimited ammo) = Collect 10 arms.
  • Infinity Wig B (unlimited blade mode) = Collect 20 arms.
  • Blade Mode Wig (can blade mode larger enemies without softening, doesn’t work on bosses) = Collect all 30 arms.

Metal Gear Rising All High-Frequency Blades


We have a video guide for Metal Gear Rising blades and this is courtesy of YouTube user XCVii007r1. He has done a wonderful job in compiling all the info and you can check out the video and description below.

“Each sword has it’s own unique lighting effect when swung, and also it’s own unique sound. Look and listen for it. Also, the FOX Blade is super OP (overpowered), when it’s Effect Enhancement is active. If you perfect parry an enemy, the counter attack will kill them outright (at least normal cyborgs),” he writes.

High-Frequency Blade (BP Cost: 0)

Its metallic structure strengthened by an alternating current, this blade resonates such that it weakens the particle bonds of whatever it cuts. Its effectiveness is further boosted in Blade Mode, which consumes energy but enables high-speed attacks. Customized by Doktor to absorb fuel-cell electrolytes from its victims.

Stun Blade (BP Cost: 20,000)

Infused with a two-million-volt current, this unique sword is capable of temporarily shutting down the interface to a cyborg’s brain, or to a UG’s optical neuro-AI. It’s also highly effective as a conventional cutting weapon. Has Stun Blade enhancement, increasing chance of stun with every hit.

How to unlock: Collect all data storage items.

Armor Breaker (BP Cost: 20,000)

Modeled after the “Kabutowari” swords fo feudal Japan, this blade offers both lethal cutting power and the chance of destroying armor with every hit, making it a great choice against heavier targets, including large UGs. Has Armor Breaker Enhancement, increasing chance of destroying enemy armor with every hit.

How to unlock: Collect all ID chips.

High-Frequency Long Sword (BP Cost: 20,000)

A high-frequency blade modeled after “Nodachi”, a style of long, curved sword used by the samurai warriors of feudal Japan.

How to unlock: Finish all VR Missions with ‘1st’ ranking.

High-Frequency Wooden Sword (BP Cost: 5000)

A blunt weapon crafted from Honduran mahogany, the wood best suited to high-frequency enhancement. While incapable of cutting through targets, this unbreakable wooden sword’s high-frequency upgrade makes it the ideal choice to subdue cyborgs without killing them.

Special Effect(s):

  • Wooden Blade Inhibitor (Attack Power downgrade)
  • Effect Enhancement – An upgraded version of Raiden’s cyborg body firmware that retunes and optimizes his use of the High-Frequency Wooden Sword, improving the odds that every hit could knock an enemy unconscious.

How to unlock: Find all Men-in-Boxes.

High-Frequency Murasama Blade (BP Cost: 10,000)

A notorious blade passed down through generations of the Rodrigues family. Sam had it modified into a high-frequency blade, enhancing the already astonishing properties of the original metal and giving it an ominous crimson glow. An explosive charge housed in the scabbard enables a lightning-quick draw.

How to unlock: Beat the game on any difficulty.

High-Frequency Machete (BP Cost: 5000)

A high-frequency knife modeled after the machetes common to Central and South America. Although it has a slightly shorter reach than a typica high-frequency blade, the HF Machete can be swung more quickly. Plus, it goes great with the Mariachi Uniform…

How to unlock: Collect 10 data storage items.

FOX Blade (BP Cost: 200,000)
The high-frequency Blade used by ex-FOXHOUND field agent Frank Jaeger, a.k.a. Gray Fox, after he was outfitted in a cyborg ninja chassis by Dr. Clark. Gray Fox’s soul still echoes through the blade, sometimes enabling it to cut clean through enemies, armor and all.

  • FOX Blade Effect Enhancement (BP Cost: 100,000)

An updated version of Raiden’s cyborg body firmware that retunes his use of the Fox Blade based on battle data taken from Gray Fox himself. It improves the odds that every strike could penetrate enemy armor.

How to unlock: Pre-order only

Data Storage Location Guide

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance DLC

These are location videos of collectibles in the game. We have listed all the data storage areas below along with the timing where you can find them.

These videos are comprehensive and a huge thanks again to XCVii007r1 for compiling these videos.

Timing in the video:

• 0:03 – Data Storage 1
• 0:42 – Data Storage 2

Timing in the video:

• 0:03 – Data Storage 03
• 0:29 – Data Storage 04
• 1:21 – Data Storage 05
• 5:48 – Data Storage 06

Timing in the video:

• 1:09 – Data Storage 07
• 3:17 – Data Storage 08
• 4:02 – Data Storage 09

Timing in the video:

• 0:41 – Data Storage 10
• 4:11 – Data Storage 11
• 5:23 – Data Storage 12
• 8:09 – Data Storage 13

Timing in the video:

• 0:04 – Data Storage 14
• 6:00 – Data Storage 15
• 7:15 – Data Storage 16
• 9:06 – Data Storage 17

Timing in the video:

• 0:39 – Data Storage 18

Timing in the video:

• 1:40 – Data Storage 19
• 3:21 – Data Storage 20

Metal Gear Rising All Custom Body Skins

metal gear rising_gray fox

Raiden can wear tons of different costumes in the game. We have a list of all of them along with the locations where you can find them. These suits cost credits and look really cool as well, so check out the video and description below, courtesy of YouTube user XCV.

Custom Cyborg Body (BP Cost: 0)

A unique cyborg frame, upgraded to aid Raiden in his fight against Sam and Desperado. Equipped with Blade Mode and able to absorb fuel-cell electrolytes from enemies via any high-frequency blade, it unfortunately lacks any kind of self-repair unit, meaning Raiden must manually extract repair material from his foes in order to recover from damage.

Custom Cyborg Body (Red) (BP Cost: 15,000)

A cyborg frame with red artificial musculature that offers minimal defense and consumes considerable fuel-cell energy, but is highly effect at absorbing electrolytes from foes.

How to unlock: Complete 30% of the VR missions.

Custom Cyborg Body (Blue) (BP Cost: 15,000)

A cyborg frame with blue artificial musculature that is inefficient at absorbing electrolytes from foes and somewhat lack in power, but boasts high defensive ability and consumes minimal fuel-cell energy.

How to unlock: Complete 50% of the VR missions.

Custom Cyborg Body (Yellow) (BP Cost: 15,000)

A cyborg frame with yellow artificial musculature that consumes minimal fuel-cell energy and is highly efficient at absorbing electrolytes from foes.

How to unlock: Complete 100% of the VR missions.

Custom Cyborg Body (Desperado Ver.) (BP Cost: 15,000)

A cyborg frame patterned in the style of Desperado Enforcement contractors. The performances of this frame are identical to those of the normal Custom Cyborg Body.

How to unlock: Complete File R-04

Suit (BP Cost: 20,000)

A simple single-breasted, two-button suit. The perfect outfit for bodyguard work or day-today business affairs.

How to unlock: Complete File R-00 on Very Hard

Mariachi Uniform (BP Cost: 20,000)

Traditional garb for Mexican folk musicians, purchased by Raiden at a souvenir shop south of the border in a misguided attempt to blend in with the locals.

How to unlock: Complete File R-02

Standard Cyborg Body (BP Cost: 20,000)

A cyborg frame enhanced with carbon nanotube muscle fiber. At a distance, the use of artificial skin makes it indistinguishable from a natural human body, at least while clothed. A good chassis for bodyguard work and missions that don’t involve serious combat.

How to unlock: eat the game on Hard difficulty or higher.

Original Cyborg Body (BP Cost: 20,000)

A recreation of the cyborg body used by Raiden during the Guns of the Patriots incident. Functionally obsolete and boasting an obviously unnatural jaw, its battlefield potential is extremely limited.

How to unlock: DLC (160 MS Points, or $2)

Gray Fox (BP Cost: 20,000)

A chassis patterned after Gray Fox’s body circa the Shadow Moses incident, but functionally equivalent to recent cyborg bodies. Though it was termed an “exoskeleton” in those days before the advent of modern cybernetic technology, it could not be taken on and off at will.

How to unlock: Pre-order only DLC

White Armor (BP Cost: 10,000)

A custom body equipped with self-recovery nano-paste and electrolyte packs. The large amount of cyborg healing and regeneration features allow the white custom body to excel in a force support role. The white armor reminds one of medical support personnel’s uniforms.

How to unlock: Pre-order only DLC (Best Buy)

The “White Battle Armour” allows Raiden to carry more health items.

Inferno Armor (BP Cost: 10,000)

A custom body equipped with a full compliment of grenades. Created as a body intended to serve in a mid-range fire support role, the wide variety and number of equipped grenades make this body particularly deadly. Its fiery red color betrays its status as a grenade throwing death machine.

How to unlock: Pre-order only DLC (Amazon)

The “Inferno Red Armour” allows Raiden to carry more grenades (i.e., it increases his grenade carrying limit by five).

Commando Armor (BP Cost: 10,000)

With a multipurpose RPG launcher and portable SAM missiles built in, this green custom cyborg body harkens back to the outdoor BDUs worn by the infantry soldiers of yore. This body excels against UAVs, tanks, attack helicopters, and other anti-infantry weapon systems due to its extra munitions.

How to unlock: Pre-order only DLC (GEO)

The “Commando Suit Armour” allows Raiden to carry more missiles.

All Humanoid Dwarf Gekko Locations


Here are the locations of all Humanoid Dwarf Gekkos. You need to use stealth here to get close to them and they can be found on one playthrough.

Check out the video below that shows the location of all of them. Credit to YouTube user SWAFEntertainment.

This guide will be updated once we have more information on the game.

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