Metal Gear Solid: Moments You will never ever forget

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Metal Gear Solid is one of the best franchises in video games history to date. Besides being my personal favourite, Metal Gear Solid is the pinnacle of storytelling and technical achievement in video games. We at GamingBolt revisit some of the moments which were actually responsible for making the franchise great. The series is full of stunning moments so it would be impossible to list all of them over here, but we have tried our best to pick some special ones.

Note: Spoilers ahead. Also It might be possible that your favorite moment might not be listed here, but you can always mention it in the comments section below.

Metal Gear Solid

Solid Snake takes down the HIND D

So Solid Snake reaches the top of the communication tower and much to his surprise he finds Liquid Snake in a Hind D. Liquid intimidates Solid by saying:” So the Snake is finally out of his hole?” After that, the battle that ensues between the two is amazing. I still remember back in 2000 when I first played this game, it took me over an hour to take that Hind D down and man that was damn satisfying.

Battle against Psycho Mantis

This has to be one of the most unique battles in video games history. Not just for the fact that the boss battle is amazing and challenging for its time, but the way Psycho Mantis uses his psychokinetic powers to make your controller vibrate and the occasional blackout were truly amazing for its time.

Conversation between Meryl and Solid Snake before and after Meryl gets hit by Sniper Wolf

One of the best emotional scenes in Metal Gear Solid is just before getting shot. The conversation between Meryl and Solid Snake is brilliant, much better than any Hollywood movie can offer. The way that Meryl asks questions to Snake and then he answers them are one of the best. In the second video when Meryl gets shot by Sniper Wolf, the music is so touching, it really represents that someone is dying and the dire state in which Meryl is.

Update: The videos are no longer available.

Gray Fox sacrifices himself

Gray Fox. Rest in peace. Easily one of the best characters after Solid Snake in the entire franchise, just for the fact that his heroics in the game were lauded by everyone. A cornered Fox is more dangerous than a jackal. Check this video out now.

Update: The video is no longer available.

Liquid Snake finally Dies…

Liquid Snake was hard to defeat. We took his Hind D down, even had a hand to hand battle, still the guy won’t give up. But Solid Snake had the last laugh, Liquid finally succumbing to Fox …..DIE!

Update: The video is no longer available.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Opening Cinematic

Everyone knew that a sequel will be released to the critically acclaimed Metal Gear Solid. At E3 2001 Hideo Kojima made fans drop their jaws when they saw this opening cinematic for Sons Of Liberty. Check it out.

Update: The video is no longer available.

Liquid Snake takes down the U.S.S. Discovery

This is the first time we see Liquid Snake in action, but in the mind of Revolver Ocelot. After that he hijacks Metal Gear Ray and absolutely destroys the tanker. Poor Solid Snake is held responsible.

Update: The video is no longer available.

Solid Snake and Otacon handshaking

I really don’t have any words for this moment. The level of emotion in that handshake is just too deep to write about in a few words. Otacon has just lost his sister and still Solid Snake trusts his buddy Otacon to save the hostages. Check this out.

Raiden finally finding a new path in his life

After killing Solidus Snake in style, Raiden is left stranded. Out comes Solid Snake and teaches the kid a few lessons in life. Check them out.

Update: The video is no longer available.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Opening Cinematic: Halo Jump

Easily one of the best opening scenes in the entire Metal Gear Solid series, Naked Snake is assigned on a mission to Russia and the “Halo Jump” was sensational. Later on his armor bag gets stuck on the tree and the way he lands on the ground is jaw dropping.

Battle between Naked Snake and The End

The End is perhaps one of the longest boss battles I have ever fought. I still remember in 2004, the old man was really hard to beat, taking over three hours to finally get him out. The reason why it was so challenging is since The End used his camouflage to full effect.

Final conversation between The Boss and Naked Snake

How does it feel when you have killed your mother- like mentor? We can’t say. In one of the most dramatic endings to a video game, Naked Snake kills The Boss to get the title of Big Boss. This is where things go dark and sets the scene for the rest of the games in the franchise.


Motorbike Chase Sequence

What can get better than a woman driving a bike? This is one of those scenes where you have to save your ass from Volgin in Snake Eater. This sequence involves a lot of action and some hardcore shooting. Check it out.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Motor Bike chase sequence with Big Mama

Pretty similar to the one found in Snake Eater, but this time you are being accompanied by Big Mama who is of course the aged Eva. The reason why I have mentioned it here is during the chase scene you will have to face against the FROGS and PMC’s and the some of the slow motion effects in between are stunning.

Solid Snake going through the microwave

We all cry in real life when somebody breaks your heart or you see some poor cat starving. But this is one of the rare instances where I have cried, just by seeing Old Snake passing through the microwave. Watch it folks, this one is for the history books.

Snake’s half face getting burned and Big Mama passing off

After Liquid Ocelots gains control of GW, he causes mayhem by destroying every damn thing from helicopters to guns. In this brutal display of violence Snake loses his mother and also gets his face burnt.


Solid Snake and Big Boss at the graveyard

How shocking would it be to see a man you have killed long back and after a few years you see him standing right in front of you. Disturbing… right? In his final farewell Solid Snake finally makes peace with his dying father.

Liquid Ocelot and Solid Snake in one last duel

Liquid and Solid in one last duel will always equal to something epic. This one reaches to the level of fun which I had when I was fighting against The End in Snake Eater. Check it out.

Update: The video is no longer available.

Raiden cutting off his arm to save Solid Snake

Snake saved Raiden’s ass in Sons of Liberty. In Guns of the Patriots it was Raiden’s turn. Stuck under a heap of rubble, Raiden cuts his arms off to save Snake from Ocelot. What’s more? He stops the ship from crushing Snake. And when he gives up, the way he screams ‘Rose!’…..touching.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Fortune saving everyone from Ray’s missiles in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
  • Introduction of Young Ocelot and how Naked Snake takes him down in Snake Eater
  • Meryl and Johnny fighting off the FROGS in Guns of the Patriots
  • Naked Snake jumping at the end of the canal when Ocelot and his troop catch him in Snake Eater

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