Metro Exodus Devs: Xbox One X Hardware Will Allow Us To Do Things We’ve Never Been Able To Do

4A Games will be able to leverage the Xbox One X’s capabilities to achieve unprecedented things, according to the devs.

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4A Games’ Metro series has had a long history of supporting Xbox platforms very well, having started out with console exclusivity for the Xbox 360 with Metro 2033. The latest entry in the franchise, Metro: Exodus, was announced at Microsoft’s E3 showing last year, while once again, the game was present at the Xbox E3 stage. The series’ fondness for the Xbox, it seems, is set to continue.

Deep Silver’s Head of Global Brand Management, Huw Beynon recently had a long talk with Official Xbox Magazine about a number of things, and one of the things he said is that the game will look incredible on the Xbox One X, and that the system’s added powers and capabilities over its competitors (and even the base Xbox One itself) will allow developers 4A Games to achieve technical landmarks that they haven’t been able to achieve so far. Of course, we’re assuming that he’s talking specifically about consoles, because Metro Exodus is coming out on PC as well, which is bound to be the most technically proficient version of the game.

“Generally, 4A’s goal has been to wring every last ounce of whatever juice they can find from the hardware that they’re building for,” Beynon said. “The Xbox One X is going to allow us to do some things that I’m not sure we would be able to do on other hardware. So, for instance, we’re running in native 4K on the Xbox One X, and support HDR as well. I’m confident it’s going to look great on all platforms but I’m highly confident it will look better on the Xbox One X.”

Beynon then went on to talk about the game itself, speaking a bit out how, just like its predecessors, Metro Exodus will be a pretty challenging game. He also mentioned that several levels in the game will be quite long, and will span across numerous in-game days, and that players will even be able to forward time in safe houses.

“We wanted to create this sense of the passing of time,” Beynon said. “You’re going to spend several in-game days within any given level. You can use the rest houses to accelerate time and wait until nightfall or daybreak. You might come across an enemy encampment and it’s right in the middle of day and they’ve got sentries out there and they’ll spot you if you try to advance. Or you can wait until nightfall where you can then infiltrate more stealthily. You can change it to suit your tactics.”

“With Metro we’re always trying to keep the player just on the wrong side of comfortable,” he continued. “It’s a game that can and should feel quite stressful at times. You should have these ‘I can’t believe I just survived that’ moments. The relief of having survived a wave of attacks or an onslaught just as you use up your last bullet or filter for the gas mask.”

That definitely sounds interesting. Metro Exodus is shaping up to be an exciting game, taking its predecessors’ penchant for semi-horror and challenging gameplay and taking that into areas and gameplay moments of larger scope. The game recently had a pretty meaty gameplay trailer shown at Microsoft’s E3 press conference. You can take a look at it here. You can also read our impressions of our time with the game at E3 over here– we’re quite excited about it. Metro Exodus launches on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on February 22 next year.

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