Metro Exodus Guide – How to Get the Good Ending, Guitar, Teddy Bear, and Guil’s Family Photo

A guide for unlocking the best ending and finding some crucial collectibles in Metro Exodus.

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Metro Exodus is a phenomenal post-apocalyptic experience filled with horrifying monsters and intimidating enemies. In this guide we are going to take a look at how you can unlock the best ending in the game and the locations of the Guitar, Guil’s Family Photo and Teddy Bear. Let’s get started.

How To Unlock The Good Ending In Metro Exodus?

Please note there will be spoilers ahead.

Metro Exodus features multiple endings. One of those endings is a bad one in which Arytom dies, however the morality ending (good ending) is the one in which the player character survives. In order to do this, you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • Whenever an enemy offers to surrender, do not kill them. Just knock them out. Generally speaking, you should avoid killing as long as the situation demands it. Rely on stealth knockdowns instead of going in all guns blazing.
  • Get the crew items (Teddy Bear and Guitar). This is covered in the guide below.
  • Try and free the prisoners during the side missions in the Volga.
  • Do not kill the slaves in Caspian. In fact, you can rescue them in the Shipwreck and Mine areas.
  • Find Guil’s family photo in the Caspian region. This is covered in the guide below.
  • In the Taiga region, do not kill the forest tribe members. Knock them out using melee or stealth attacks.

Where To Find The Guitar, Teddy Bear and Guil’s Family Photo?

Guitar’s Location (Volga): Go to the island at the center of the map and approach the safe house, and head south west. Eventually you will see a tower near a power line. Climb up using the stairs until you reach right at the top. Now go to the balcony and you will see the Guitar lying around.

Teddy Bear’s Location (Volga): Go to the south-eastern region of the map. Eventually you will come across two safe houses near the train tracks. There is a tower there, climb up to the roof and you will come across a monster’s nest. You can either kill the monster and then procure the teddy bear or just procure the collectible and escape.

Guil’s Family Photo Location (Caspian): This is something you will come across in a story mission right after you meet Guil. The video below shows you the exact location.

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