Metro Exodus Guide – Where to Find All Suit Upgrades

A complete guide to finding all suit upgrades in Metro Exodus.

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The suit is a crucial gameplay mechanic in Metro Exodus. It’s something that you will want to upgrade if you want to survive in the harsh world of the game. In order to do this, the game provides a number of upgradeable items that you can find in the game. Where do you find them? Let’s take a look


The Compass: This is found in an airplane which can be located when the player character is on his way back to the Aurora after meeting Duke (the character who pulls you out of the water when your boat is attacked by a monster).

Battery Charge Controller: This is found on a small island, southwest of the bandit camp where you need to find the guitar. Once you reach on the rooftop of the shed, you will find a corpse. The corpse has the Batter Charge Controller.

Extended Filter: This is found in the bandit camp at the centre of the map.

Night Vision Goggles: You would need a key first. This key can be procured by clearing a bandit camp and helping prisoners escape (this is a part of the side mission and will be marked on your map). One of the prisoners will hand you over the key. This key will be used to unlock the door in train terminal entrance (the section where you have to recover the passenger carriage for the train).

Metal Detector: It’s in a half-submerged structure towards the south-west of the Teddy Bear quest location.

Throwing Weapons Harness: This can be found in the gas station.

Ammo Pouches: East to where you found the Extended Filter, there is another bandit camp. The upgrade is located upstairs.

Reinforced Helmet: Located towards the center east of the map, there is bandit outpost. The upgrade can be found here.


Motion Scanner: It’s found in the Slave Bandit Camp, towards the left side of the map. You have to climb at the top of the ship to get this upgrade.

Extra Bright Flashlight: This is found in the safe house below the lighthouse objective marker on the map.

Armored Glass: This found in the bandit location, west of the lighthouse.

NVD Amplifier: This is found in the largest building in the airfield which is towards the east side of the map.

Consumables Carrier: This is found in a location towards the east of bandit camp and north of the airfield.

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