Michael Pachter: PS4 Pro’s Price Puts Microsoft In A Hole With The Scorpio

Sony may have outsmarted Microsoft.

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The PS4 Pro  reveal is generally considered to have not gone down well, with the console’s disappointing specs and functionality, and with its poor on stage demonstration, having been considered to be a bit of a letdown by most fans. However, even those who were let down had to concede that the PS4 Pro’s price point at $399 is impressive- and that it alone may put the PS4 Pro at an advantage over the Xbox One and the upcoming Scorpio.

That is what well known Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter thinks. Speaking to GamigBolt, Pachter noted that the Pro’s cheaper price and earlier launch might be enough to help it remain competitive against the Scorpio.

“I think that the $399 price point is a pretty big move by Sony, particularly with a launch this fall,” Pachter said. “It’s hard to justify buying a $299 Xbox One S when you get twice the HDD and future proof for 4K by buying the PS4 Pro.  I really think this puts Microsoft in a hole with Scorpio, as they will arrive a year late, and will have to charge competitively even to remain in the picture. Ideally, Microsoft can launch Scorpio for $299, but I don’t expect that to happen.  If PS4 Pro is $349 by next holiday, Microsoft is really in a tough spot.”

I personally think he has this right- in fact, I have said as much in the past. The Scorpio may seem to be the superior proposition by Microsoft, but the fact of the matter remains that with an early launch and a very cheap price, that can be further dropped once the Scorpio launches, Sony are in a very good place right now. For now, Sony are sitting pretty with the PS4 Pro, it seems like.

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