Microsoft Promises Hardcore Kinect Games Within The Next 18 Months

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Following Microsoft’s laughably disappointing E3 showing earlier this year, which was focussed mostly on the Kincet, and the plethora of casual games the motion sensing peripheral would be getting, there have been many who have oiced fears that Microsoft too, like Nintendo, might shift their focus to the casual market. Microsoft, however, insists that these fears are unfounded, and that Microsoft will never neglect the hardcore.

In fact, the firm has even given us a release date as to when we can expect more hardcore games from them, although this last assertion should be taken with a pinch of salt, since these ‘hardcore’ games will be Kinect games. Xbox EMEA boss Chris Lewis believes that hardcore Kinect games are coming within the next 18 months, and that, though the launch of the Kinect may mean that Microsoft will briefly be concentrating on casual gaming and casual gamers, it does not mean that Microsoft is abandoning the core market.

“I’ll say again, at the risk of sounding like a cracked record, that doesn’t in any way, shape or form represent us stepping away from the core – which is why, during the press conference at E3 for example, we spent a good solid chunk of time around Halo Reach, Gears of War and Fable. And there will be more coming from us, and our third party partners.

“Will we see more of these hybrid experiences coming, where you can complement what might ostensibly be a controller-based experience with gestures, voice and physical movement? Yes, I think that will come. I think there’s an overlap there, a logical and a good one.

“Again, without compromising on the experience, making sure it’s incremental and generally advantageous to the experience, then you’ll see those types of experiences coming over time. And therefore I think all of the different types of gaming experiences you describe will become available over the coming 18 months or so.”

That’s all well and good, Microsoft, but why can’t we just have good old fashioned controller based hardcore games? You know, the stuff your console is actually good at?

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