Microsoft’s Albert Penello: Xbox Scorpio Games Are Coming, ‘ I Hear The Feedback’

They better!

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Microsoft recently released a bunch of information on the upcoming and highly anticipated Xbox One Scorpio, and while the excitement around the launch of the semi-new system is amping up, people are still wondering what the software support for it be like. Speaking in a podcast with Major Nelson (Larry Hryb), Xbox marketing head Albert Penello has tried to allay some of those fears. When asked about the games, he assured listeners that they’re coming, and that Microsoft have chosen to focus just on the specs and the features for now and that news on upcoming games for the Scorpio will be coming soon.

Major Nelson confirmed that Microsoft’s theme for this year’s E3 is all about the games. “Over the coming months and obviously leading up to launch, we’ll have more news. More games, of course, that’s gonna be the theme of E3,” he said. Penello further added that they are listening to fan feedback and games are on the way for Scorpio. “That’s gonna be the big thing, games, games, games. Look, I get it, I hear the feedback, I want everybody to know, games. It’s coming, that’s … today was about the specs, today we told you what the box does, you’re gonna see games, we know,” he stated in the podcast.

He went on to say that fans and developers need not worry about the fact that there might be dilution of focus or quality of games, what with there being two models to focus on now, and that Microsoft have crafted the Scorpio with the developers in mind as much as the consumers.

“Yeah, I think-I think one of the things I’ll just sort of tease is, like, I think one of the things that people wonder about this transition to these … to the two console model is, am I gonna get two slightly less versions of the game than I would have gotten in the old model where I can just work on one, um, one platform for 10 years. We have put as much care and craftsmanship and effort and energy into the process for developers as we’ve put into the product for customers. That’s a story that-that will … that I’m excited to, you know, to be able to tell at some point. That means better … it means better games, because the developers are spending time on the content and the quality and not spending time making things work.”

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