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A complete guide on currently available mounts in Minecraft Legends Guide.

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The new RTS-lite set in the Minecraft universe, Minecraft Legends has several mounts to choose from in order to traverse the open world sandbox. While you cannot dismount to roam around on foot, you can simply jump from one saddle to the next. Here’s all of the currently available mounts in Minecraft Legends at the time of release.

The Horse

The starter mount, it is often mistakenly thought to have no special ability. But it does–it has unlimited stamina, allowing you to sprint continuously as you ride to and fro across the map. They can be found at the center of any village should you need to acquire one again after switching to another mount. The humble Horse can also be buffed briefly, by consuming Speed Wheat to attain a dash ability over and above the standard sprint. Bounce Shrooms will make your jump higher, in order to get over some obstacles, but beware fall damage if you leap from too high up.

The Regal Tiger

Arguably the fastest mount in Minecraft Legends, Regal Tigers instantly stand out with their striped purple shading. Their special ability is their sprint speed, allowing you to hit and run enemies, or beat a hasty retreat when things get exceptionally dicey. Unfortunately, unlike the horse, they can and do run out of stamina, and therefore need to be carefully managed to avoid being caught out in the open while exhausted. Regal Tigers can be found ambling around in the Dry Savanna and Badlands biomes, sometimes shaded in neon pink. The higher jumping benefits of Bounce Shrooms are also available to the Regal Tiger, which is especially useful since its default jump height is quite low, but do so cautiously, since it can sustain fall damage.

The Big Beak

These colorful bird mounts are almost as fast as Regal Tigers with the added versatility of being able to go airborne to some degree. Jumping higher and gliding safely to the ground is Big Beak’s special ability, and also allows you to traverse high peaks and bodies of water quickly and safely, as well as to get over defensive obstacles. Hold your designated Jump button to begin gliding after going airborne.

Expectedly, they can be found in the mountainous Jagged Peaks as well as the Swamp biomes, and can often be heard before they’re even seen due to their distinctive chirping. The Big Beak is great for getting a literal bird’s eye reconnaissance of the map, allowing you to make better plans and better decisions in battle as well. Even merely uncovering the map is made easier by gliding high through the sky, but only if you can find a high enough peak to launch off of in the first place.

The Brilliant Beetle

Definitely the slowest mount you will employ, the winged and horned Brilliant Beetle makes up for it with its adaptability to obstructions and difficult terrain. Its special ability allows you to scale any structure at all, as well as sheer terrain.

Should you fall, you can hold the designated Jump button to flap its wings and glide safely back to solid ground. Of the relatively land-bound mounts it is also the quickest at traversing water. Brilliant Beetles can be found in the Jungle and Forest biomes. The Beetle is probably your best bet when assaulting multi-leveled Piglin bases, negating the value of their structural defense layout.

Locating Mounts

Given the procedurally generated nature of Minecraft Legends maps, there is no definitive method to pinpoint the location of absolutely anything in the game, mounts included. There are clues though. Begin by heading to the relevant biome.

As you explore it, a question mark will appear on the map, if you are in the vicinity of a secret. It may not necessarily be a mount, but if it is, it will turn to the relevant mount’s icon as you inch closer. Very rarely, the locator might place the mount at the very outskirts of the biome, or even in a neighboring one, so be vigilant.

PVP Mounts Location

In multiplayer PvP, as opposed to the campaign and co-op, mounts can be found in any biome, and not just their native one. Mounts can make all the difference between victory and defeat in PvP, so try to acquire the one that suits your role in the team as soon as possible.

Swapping Mounts

Changing mounts is as simple as riding up to one, getting close enough to display the “Swap Mounts” command on them. Hold the designated button and you will hop right on, then and there. All of the mounts you leave can be rallied to ride alongside you, letting you swap around as the situation demands.

If you choose to leave them behind entirely, they will be available to you at any Well Of Fate, or at the center of a liberated village, near the fountain, when you spawn or teleport in. Even after unlocking them the first time, you can continue to befriend and ride mounts in the wild, as and when you stumble upon them.


Besides the default skin for each mount, there are also some mount skins to be bought in the respective marketplace stores, as well as potentially awarded for participation in the Lost Legends challenge mode, though there hasn’t been one on offer in the latter so far. The skins currently available are:

  • Chestnut Horse
  • Bluebill Big Beak
  • Flaming Carapace Beetle
  • Coral Tiger

And that’s the rundown on all the currently available Minecraft Legends mounts and their abilities. Ride to victory!

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