Monster Hunter Rise Boss Guide – How to Beat Bishaten, Tetranadon and Jyuratodus

The challenges start to ramp up with these foes.

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Monster Hunter Rise

Another new monster introduced in Monster Hunter Rise, Bishaten is a Fanged Beast that’s capable of some interesting attacks. It doesn’t deal elemental damage but is capable of inflicting Poison and Stun (along with Paralysis at High Rank). Cutting and Impact damage, followed by Shot damage, are very effective on its head while Cutting damage is the way to go for its tail. Though its wings are also breakable, most types of damage won’t be super effective so keep that in mind. In terms of ailments, Blast and Iceblight are effective while everything else is not (it’s completely immune to poison).

Bishaten is effective in close combat and medium range, swinging its tail repeatedly to attack while throwing fruits from a distance. It can also hold a poison fruit with its tail and execute a leaping slam that generates a poison cloud on impact. It’s also capable of balancing itself on its tail and following up with a strike. Be careful when it wobbles around in this state since it can still deal damage by simply touching you (and is capable of repositioning itself by hopping around). After a short period, it will begin tossing all kinds of fruit out, providing a good window for attacking and knocking it off its tail. Alternatively, Bishaten may execute a spinning dive from this posture which deals a lot of damage.

Fighting from mid to close range is key, usually at an off-angle. Use Wirebug attacks to inflict massive damage on its head whenever possible. You can also pick up the fruit it drops for some quick healing (though it expires when the quest ends).

How to Defeat Tetranadon

This duck-billed foe is also new to the franchise and can look opposing. It specializes in Water attacks and inflicting Waterblight while being weak to Fire and Thunder. Almost every part of its body is breakable but its head, neck and foreleg are the best spots to target. Cutting, Impact and Shot damage are all very effective on the head. In terms of ailment weakness, it’s weakest to Paralysis followed by Blast and Thunderblight.

Along with your standard lunge, Tetranadon also rears back for a more exaggerated version which can be easily dodged and punished. It may also leap into the air and land with force, which can be dodged easily. Its trademark attack is knocking the player down, eating them and then spitting them back out – use a Wiredash to quickly recover from this and retaliate with a mid-air strike. Tetranadon can also swell in size and leap up to execute a ground slam. If you’re hit by this, use the Wirebug to recover and counter-attack. Alternatively, keep hitting its stomach until it spits the water out and falls down.

How to Defeat Jyuratodus

While on the lower rung of bosses in Monster Hunter World, Jyuratodus seems to be stronger in Monster Hunter Rise. Like Barroth, it has a muddy form and a clean form, the former being weak to Water damage and the latter to Thunder. Regardless of its form, its weakest to the Stun ailment followed by Blast, Poison and Paralysis. Along with causing Water damage, it can also inflict Waterblight.

Jyuratodus has some very obvious tells so once you’ve fought it enough times, you’ll know what to look out for. They can throw you off the first go-around though. Since it’s often located in water bodies, it quicklys swim towards its target, causing damage with its dash. It can also submerge and re-emerge, Free Willy-style, before landing with a thud. If it’s standing after this, you’ll have the opportunity to attack – with its head, tail and fins being weak spots – while it attempts to tail whip you.

Jyuratodus will also fire mud projectiles from its mouth from afar (along with leaving mud in its wake while swimming in mud form). Even if they miss, the mud will remain in the arena and trap you if you’re not careful. It also has a habit of spinning continuously in one place to cover itself with mud. While it’s possible to attack it in this state, it can suddenly lash out as well.

When it’s swimming around, a solid hit has a chance for Jyuratodus to suddenly flop out of the water and onto its side. This is different from its usual downed state so while you can get a few attacks, don’t over-commit in this phase. It can’t be emphasized enough but weapons that inflict Stun, like Hammers, and perks like Slugger, which increases Stun Power, will make the fight a lot smoother.

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