Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Guide – How to Perform New Fatalities, Stage Fatalities and Friendships

Here are inputs for all of the new Fatalities and Friendships added to the game.

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Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath (5)

Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath brings a brand new storyline with time travel shenanigans and even more lore-meddling. For the competitively-minded though, it also introduces three new playable characters – RoboCop, Sheeva and Fujin. Their Brutalities require unlocking but it’s possible to use their Fatalities if you know the button inputs.

Robocop, Sheeva, And Fujin’s Fatalities:

Here are the button inputs for RoboCop’s Fatalities. Keep in mind that Square,Triangle, X and Circle correspond to PS4 while X, Y, A and B are for Xbox One:

  • Dead or Alive – While close to your opponent, press back, forward, down, down, Triangle/Y
  • Thank You For Your Cooperation – While in mid-range of your opponent, press forward, down, forward, Square/X

Here are the inputs for Sheeva’s Fatalities:

  • Stomp The Yard – While close to the opponent, press down, down, down, Square/X
  • Spinal Tap – While close to the opponent, press forward, down, down, forward, X/A

Finally, here are Fujin’s Fatality inputs:

  • Wind Blade – While far away from your opponent, press back, down, down, back, Square/X.
  • Twisted Twister – While close to an opponent, press forward, back, down, Triangle/Y.

How to Perform Stage Fatalities

With the latest free update, Stage Fatalities have finally arrived in Mortal Kombat 11. The input for all of the Stage Fatalities is the same – while close to your opponent, press down, forward, down and then Square/X. But you have to be in the right spot or else the Fatality won’t trigger.

In the Dead Pool stage, you need to be in the center of the stage with the acid pool right before you. If executed correctly, you’ll hit an opponent into the acid. For the Tournament stage, you need to be in the center. If done correctly, the lights will change and your opponent will be wearing an arcade cabinet for a new hat. Finally, in the Shaolin Trap Dungeon, stand in the center again and you’ll hit the enemy into the overhead weight before they fall on spikes.

How to Perform Friendships

Friendships also debut with this free update but they’re different for each character. The only common factor is that you must be far away from your opponent to execute. Here are the inputs for each Friendship:

  • Baraka – Back, forward, down, down, Square/X
  • Cassie Cage – Back, forward, down, down, Square/X
  • Cetrion – Down, down, down, down, Square/X
  • D’Vorah – Back, forward, down, back, Triangle/Y
  • Erron Black – Back, forward, down, forward, X/A
  • Frost – Forward, back, forward, back, X/A
  • Fujin – Back, down, back, down, Triangle/Y
  • Geras – Back, down, back, down, Circle/B
  • Jade – Back, down, down, down, Triangle/Y
  • Jax – Forward, back, down, down, Triangle/Y
  • Jacqui – Down, down, down, down, Triangle/Y
  • Johnny Cage – Back, forward, back, down, Triangle/Y
  • Joker- Down, down, down, down, X/A
  • Kabal – Forward, down, back, down, Square/X
  • Kano – Back, forward, back, forward, Triangle/Y
  • Kitana – Back, down, down, back, X/A
  • Kollector – Forward, back, down, down, Triangle/Y
  • Kotal Kahn – Down, forward, down, back, X/A
  • Kung Lao – Back, forward, back, forward, Circle/B
  • Liu Kang – Forward, down, down, forward, Triangle/Y
  • Nightwolf – Forward, back, forward, down, Square/X
  • Noob Saibot – Down, back, down, forward, X/A
  • Raiden – Down, back, forward, down, Circle/B
  • RoboCop – Back, down, forward, down, Circle/B
  • Scorpion – Forward, back, forward, back, Circle/B
  • Shao Kahn – Down, forward, down, forward, Triangle/Y
  • Sheeva – Forward, back, down, down, Square/X
  • Sindel – Forward, down, up, up, X/A
  • Skarlet – Back, down, down, back, X/A
  • Sonya Blade – Down, forward, down, down, Square/X
  • Spawn – Back, down, forward, down, Square/X
  • Sub-Zero – Down, down, forward, back, Square/X
  • Shang Tsung – Back, back, down, forward, Circle/B
  • Terminator – Back, down, back, down, X/A

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