NBA 2K21 Guide – How to Earn Virtual Currency Fast

How do you grind out that sweet VC? There are more ways than you think.

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NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 is now available for current-gen platforms and, much like last year, Virtual Currency is the lifeblood of the game’s economy. If you want to purchase cosmetics, MyTeam Packs or just upgrade your MyPlayer, then you’ll need lots of Virtual Currency. How do you go about earning it quickly?

The first step is MyCareer mode, which grants Virtual Currency for an assortment of tasks. It will take some time to play through the whole story but the returns on VC can be worth it in the long run. Of course, those who just want to power through the mode quickly can spend VC on boosting a single player and then simulating all of the matches.

Based on the endorsements signed, this can provide up to 1000 VC per match. If you’re keen on playing matches, remember that assists, rebound collects and points scored will contribute to VC earned while fouls and turning the ball over results in a loss.

Make sure to complete Incentives during different matches as well as looking at how to wring more out of endorsements. Whenever a player becomes a free agent, try pushing for even more lucrative deals based on the teams available. Get agents like Harper Dell on your side for access to the best sponsors immediately.

The second obvious method is to go into Quick Play matches. This can be useful for those who don’t want to spend VC or want to improve their skills while experiencing the gameplay. Online matches can be tempting but since they take longer, it’s better to go with MyCareer and Quick Play. It also doesn’t help that your hard work can be undone by a dropped connection or server issue.

You can also get the iOS/Android app and complete the different daily quests. While the returns aren’t crazy high, it’s still possible to earn about 600 or so VC each day, and can be done when away from the game.

Watching NBA 2KTV is also fairly painless since it involves trivia and it can be viewed while games load (though there’s a dedicated section for viewing it as well). Overall, the returns are low but you won’t have to expend much effort. Make sure to visit the Daily Spin in Jeff’s 2K Arcade in the Neighborhood – it can offer rewards like clothes, VC, VC multipliers and MyTeam Tokens.

Last but not least, you can spend real money on Virtual Currency from the corresponding online store. We’d recommend against it but if you really want to, wait for discounts for dropping any hard cash.

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