New Let’s Play of Total War: Attila Shows Off Viking Forefathers Culture Pack

These vikings are not from Minnesota…

Posted By | On 30th, Jan. 2015 Under News

Total War: Attila is the newest entry in The Creative Assembly’s long running, critically acclaimed and commercially successful PC exclusive strategy game series; it was announced last year, looks absolutely stunning and gorgeous, and looks to wash away the bad taste that the disastrous launch of Total War: Rome II left in everybody’s mouth.

If you’ve been excited for the game, this new Let’s Play of the game will be even more hype generating for you, especially since it is touching on something about the game that we have not yet seen- The Vikings Forefathers Culture Pack, which is the first of many planned Culture packs for the game, and which introduces three playable factions to the game- The Danes, The Geats and The Jutes. These warlike Norse factions have their own unique land and naval units, missions, cultural and factional traits, and are poised to launch southwards from their icy homelands on campaigns of raiding, looting and conquest, and each of them will bring a unique style of play with them to the game.

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