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Everything you need to know about NieR: Automata.

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NieR: Automata
NieR: Automata Box Art

NieR: Automata

Publisher:  Square Enix

Developer:  Platinum Games

Platforms:  PS4

Genre:  Role Playing

Release Date:  2016

NieR: Automata is an upcoming action roleplaying game that is an indirect sequel to NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt  which is otherwise known as NieR. The game is being produced by Platinum Games (which is best known for Bayonetta and Metal Gear: Revengeance) and published by Square Enix. While the title does not have an official release date, the companies have said they are aiming for the game to be released sometime in 2016. A Holiday season release date is the one that has been mentioned most for this title. One particular trailer that has been released has shown that there will be a female protagonist, as well as a male protagonist and a number of different maps and environments that haven’t appeared in the first two games of this series.

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After the release of NieR, both the game’s director Taro Yoko and it’s producer Yosuke Saito went on record as wanting to make another game in the series. The project got off to a rough start because there were other members of the development team that didn’t have an interest in the game because of the relatively low sales of NieR. Despite misgivings, production for the title started in 2014. When pre-production did start, the development team included many staff from the original NieR, including Yoko, Saito, and the game’s composer Keiichi Okabe. Square Enix was convinced to come along on the new project thanks in large part to a loyal fan base that was clamoring for another entry into the series. The development team and Square Enix turned to Platinum Games in order to work on this title. The partnership was reportedly agreed to as long as Yoko become the game’s director, and that he actually move from his place of residence to Osaka, where Platinum Games was headquartered. Yoko is said to have originally been uneasy about the deal but Platinum Games’ interest in making a NieR game since the original was released helped him agree to the deal. Originally, the plan was for NieR: Automata to come to mobile platforms such as the PS Vita as well, but it was later decided that the game would come only to the Sony PS4.

The development team has said that during production, the team took both fan and critical feedback of NieR into account as they attempt to make a game that is both honest to the broader theme of the game but also an improvementOne big change between this title and the other NieR games is that this is a role-playing action game as opposed to the previous titles which were viewed as pure action. The development team has said that changes to the story presented challenges, which is part of the reason the game does not yet have a fixed release date.

NieR: Automata was first officially announced at Square Enix’s press conference at E3 2015. At the time the game did not have an official title and was merely described as being another NieR game. Since that date, the team has admitted that they were only about 10 percent done with the game. Since that unveiling the team has also said they didn’t want to tell people the Automata part of the title because they believed it would give away aspects of the story. NieR: Automata‘s official name as well as a gameplay trailer were later unveiled at the 2015 Paris Games Week Show. It was announced as being a PS4 exclusive. While it doesn’t have an official release date, Platinum Games has said it wants to release the title sometime in 2016. At the end of October, Square Enix made it clear they wanted the game to be able to run at 60fps. The company also said they had full confidence that Platinum Games would be able to pull this off.



Originally, the development team decided to set the game’s main theme as “Agaku”, which is Japanese for the struggle out of a bad situation. Eventually, this idea was built upon until the team came up with a specific story. According to Platinum Games NieR: Automata has the same basic setting of a post-apocalyptic world much like the original NieR. While this is not a direct sequel, it is said to be taking place after that title’s ending. There will be appearances from characters in the other game but the developers have said the two games will not actually be sharing any direct story connections. The story is said to be told in the same dark atmosphere that includes branching story paths and this will actually be somewhat different than the original because of the more immersive aspect of an RPG.

This story is said to revolve around a war between the last remaining bastion of humanity and the machine army of invaders from another world. This initial invasion forced most of the world’s last humans to flee to the Moon. Now settled on the moon, Earth’s forces have sent back some android warriors to try and take out the invading robots. The main protagonists in the game are two of these android warriors who will go up against the robot army that now rules the Earth.


NieR Automata 1

For the battle system, the team are taking the systems used in NieR and including elements from other titles created by Platinum Games. The development team says players will be able to control multiple characters at different parts of the story in an action-based gameplay. The game will have the ability to rotate the camera 360 degrees during battles in order to get a better look at enemies as well as potential attack angles. The team has said there are new playable characters that can be unlocked with each playthrough. This game is said to be high action but it will also attempt to have some of the RPG elements in earlier games. Battle weapons will be focused heavily on melee combat thanks to the use of swords and knives but there will be shooting at times as well.


Nier Automata 4

Not all of the characters in NieR: Automata are known yet but the team has said characters such as Emil and other minor characters from the previous NieR instalment will appear in one way or another. The main female protagonist is YoRHa No. 2 Model B, called 2B throughout the game. The male protagonist in the game has not yet been named. There are likely to be other NPCs, including enemies that have not been given official names in the promotional material.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game

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