Nioh 2 Boss Guide – How to Beat Ryomen Sukuna and Lady Osakabe

Defeat the spinning demon boss and giant castle with tendrils.

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Nioh 2 - Lady Osakabe

Bosses come in all shapes and sizes in Nioh 2. Take Ryomen Sukuna who appears in the mission “The Sun Sets on Mount Tenno”. You need to be level 66 to tussle with this 2-in-1 boss, who is essentially two demonic warriors fused together. Melee attacks are key to the red warrior’s offense but it can also shoot fire magic. Get in close to bait its attacks before dealing damage. Poking it with long range weapons like the spear and odachi is also advised. At times, Sukuna will unleash a spinning attack. Dodge this and attack for some decent damage.

The real problem is the blue warrior who utilizes a bow and water arrows. The tracking on these arrows is very good, causing significant damage if you happen to be too far away. At one point, especially when the Dark Realm invades, you may find the red warrior attacking up-close while the blue warrior simultaneously shoots arrows at you. This is a game-ended right here so be extremely careful. Burst Counter the boss whenever possible, stay within mid-range and constantly facing the red warrior, and victory should be yours.

How to Beat Lady Osakabe

Encounter in the main mission “The Golden Castle”, it’s recommended to be level 96 when facing Lady Osakabe. She essentially has several tendrils with eyes that have to be destroyed. You can attack these eyes with long-range attacks like arrows, bullets and cannon fire. However, keep in mind that the other tendrils will fire lasers and magic while also attacking you. Sometimes, when getting close to attack an eye, it will fight back and deal some damage so be careful to block.

Once all four tendrils have been destroyed, the main eye can be attacked (though it can also be shot from afar when open so try doing that whenever possible). Keep doing this until it’s defeated.

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