Nioh Walkthrough With Ending

A complete video walkthrough of Nioh.

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Nioh is a lot like Dark Souls, but one key area where it differs from From Software’s games is in how it approaches story and storytelling- where Dark Souls games are highly passive storytelling experiences, telling a lot of their stories via their environments and item descriptions, leading it to the players to piece things together, Nioh is comparatively far more cinematic- it tells a very definite story of real life sailor William Adams, who ends up involved in some decidedly not real escapades with demons, ghosts, and other supernatural elements. And while the beginning of the game is decidedly gridmark, Nioh soon reveals itself to not be taking itself too seriously, instead having fun with a colorful and eccentric cast of characters. Nioh is able to deliver some real narrative stakes and escalation, and it becomes easy to invest yourself in Adams’ story- but at the same time, there is often a distinct, almost Hideo Kojima like sense of fun and mischief to the proceedings.

The story in Nioh is told over multiple missions. In these missions, you will be making an excursion over all of Japan, and come across multiple multiple real and supernatural characters and elements. You will never quite get stuck in Nioh, in that you will always know what you are supposed to be doing- you’ll just be stuck because you’ll be unable to do it at all.

That’s where our walkthrough comes in. This full video walkthrough of the game also includes the ending. If you watch it, do make sure that you don’t get ahead of where you are in the game- you’d spoil yourself that way.

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