No Man’s Sky Mega Guide: Unlimited Units, Money, Elements And Things You Should Avoid

A complete guide for No Man’s Sky.

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No Man’s Sky is now finally out, and millions of players worldwide are now exploring an entirely new universe, full of exotic sights and alien life to discover, and appreciating the glory of deep space. Using this guide you learn about things you should avoid doing, farm units and elements, learn how to upgrade your starship, exo-suit and multi-tool, add more inventory slots, and earn Infinite Warp Cells and Atlas Stones.

Things No Man’s Sky Players Definitely Should Not Do

There are certain things players should avoid doing in the game. What are these things? We’re glad you asked, because we have a list ready- if you are playing No Man’s Sky, make sure to avoid doing the following things, and you should have generally unimpeded progress as you explore the massive universe you find yourself in.


Planets and moons with life on them in No Man’s Sky are actually defended by sentinel drones- and if you attempt to mine and harvest resources too much (disturbing the planet’s natural balance), or if you attack the local life too much, you’re going to attract their attention, and they will definitely not be happy with you. By which we mean, they’ll attack you until they kill you (or you kill them). It can be stressful, especially early on in the game, and it’s unnecessary to deal with them at all. It’s best to just be moderate in how you mine resources or deal with the local wildlife.


Continuing on from the previous point, do remember that once a drone spots you, it will call for reinforcements if it thinks you’re too much trouble- so if it spots you, don’t let it get away! Attack it, and get it down quick, before it has a chance to call for more help.


One of the things added to No Man’s Sky via the day one patch is a brand new choice that the game asks the player to make just a few minutes into the game- they encounter a presence in some wreckage, which turns out to be some kind of guidance that Atlas provides, and they are asked to either accept that help, or to turn it down and do their own thing. This is similar to a lot of choices players are asked to make when they interact with the alien monoliths that litter the planets throughout the galaxy. You are free to choose what you want, of course, but be very careful with the choice you make- apparently, these choices can completely change and determine the flow of the game for you from then on, as well as change which of the game’s endings are available to you- so you might want to think before you act.


Even though No Man’s Sky is basically all about resource collection, you should try not to indulge your kleptomania too much- you see, you have limited inventory space, and at some point, you’ll have collected so much Carbon and Zinc that you have no more space to carry other resources that are actually necessary and important. Collecting too many resources also means you were probably very aggressive in trying to mine and harvest nodes, or engaging with wildlife- which, whoops, means you now have some drones after you.

Given all that, and given just how easily most resources can be found in the wild, it’s best to not pick up anything that you absolutely don’t need, and focus only on the stuff that you actually do.


This might sound counter-intuitive, but there is a method to the madness- you see, asteroids carry resources such as iron and zinc, as well as Thamiumg, which is a fuel source for the pulse drive in your ship. You’re best advised to attack asteroids with your Photon Charge, which allows you to collect those resources from them- if nothing else, it means you can always keep your pulse drive fueled up.


No Man’s Sky lets you upgrade all the equipment you have on you at the beginning of the game – including your ship itself – but you really shouldn’t. Don’t get us wrong, upgrading some of it so that you aren’t laughably helpless isn’t a bad idea, but in general, you should look at replacing your equipment with newer, better stuff- either by finding it in the wild, or by purchasing it from trading outposts.


No Man’s Sky features falling damage- which you can probably avoid in the course of normally playing the game (just… don’t walk off a cliff), but at the same time, the addition of the jetpack probably complicates things. You see, the jetpack lets you jump high- which is great, but it also comes with a very short charge, that it must then spend a fair few seconds recharging. If you jetpack too indiscriminately, and without paying attention, then you will almost certainly find yourself falling from a great height, without any fuel in your jetpack to help break your fall, meaning you fall from a great height and take a fair bit of damage.

When you’re already in hostile worlds where potentially everything is trying to kill you, the last thing you need to do is make it easier for them. Don’t be stupid, and be careful with how you use the jetpack.


On a similar note, you should also not let your mining tool overheat. You use your mining tool to, well, mine, but you also use it to ward off hostiles, such as aggressive wildlife or sentinel drones. Using the mining tool too much without any break causes it to overheat, which sucks because then you can’t use it while it cools down. It’s only a few seconds, but when you’re surrounded by drones, all attacking you, those few seconds can be all the difference between life and death. So generally, take care that you’re not abusing that mining tool too much.


Maybe later on in the game, you get a stronger starship that can take these on (we actually don’t know that yet, to be honest)- but absolutely no ship that you gain access to at first is capable of taking these on. The good thing is, they generally leave you alone, unless you be stupid, and shoot at them first, which… don’t do that. They’ll then be after you, and that’d suck. At the very least, they’ll disable your pulse drive.


All of these ‘don’ts’ are probably freaking you out, and they probably make you nervous about spending any time going off the beaten path at all. That’s not what we are trying to get at at all. No Man’s Sky is a game about the joys of exploration- if you’re only sticking to a straight line path, without taking the time out to explore your surroundings, whether on the surface of a planet, or out in deep space, then you’re really missing the point of the game. So absolutely explore, follow something pretty, come upon something new- that is really what No Man’s Sky is about. In the worst case what will happen? You’ll die? But hey, No Man’s Sky is a video game, death is never permanent, and you’ll even get to recover your old inventory as it was at the time of your death.

Go nuts. Have fun.

Farming Units And Elements, Money In No Man’s Sky

Units are the main currency in No Man’s Sky. It’s basically used to buy everything in the game, be it the items that you would need to craft or buying some important gadget from a dealer or may be buy elements such as Carbon, Zinc, Thagmium, Plutonium and Aluminum. Units is all what you need. You can check out some videos below that will help you farm units.

Adding More Inventory Slots:

As is the case with any game that focuses on open world and exploration, you begin with  a limited number of inventory slots. However you can increase the number of slots by searching for Signal Scanners and hack them by crafting Bypass Chips. You will then find a Pod inside the Shelter. This is where you can upgrade your Exo-suit, thereby adding inventory slots.

Upgrade System:

No Man’s Sky essentially has three upgrade paths. You can upgrade your suit, ship and multi-tool upgrades. Below you will find video guides for Exosuit and Multi-tool. You can upgrade your Starship by collecting Blueprints.

Infinite Warp Cells and Atlas Stones:

Below is a complete video guide that will help you to earn infinite Warp Cells and Atlast Stones.

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