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ONRUSH is an arcade racing game in which players must choose a unique class to play with for a match. Each of these classes have unique abilities and skills and players must use these in order to achieve victory. This is not a racing game in which the winner is the one who comes in first position. Instead, the winner will be the one who drives most stylistically and is able to take down opponents’ vehicles. Although the game is accessible, there is a lot to learn if you want to truly master the game, and this guide is here to help you with any information you may want to know about the game.

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Get Airtime

You will need Boost in the game and the best way to earn it is by getting airtime by jumping off ramps or a slope on the road. You can also earn boost in other ways such as through near misses and by performing tricks, but the way is to just get off the ground as much as possible.

Play Through The Campaign

The game can be hard to master, as you will have to learn how each vehicle class works. The best way to get a hang of the basics is to play through the campaign and experiment as much as possible, and to then try out what you’ve learnt online.

Try And Takedown Opponents

Taking down opponents is key to winning a match, and there a number of ways to do so. You can try bumping into the side of their car with the front of your car, and this will result in a takedown. Other methods also include landing on top of the opponent’s car or making them crash against obstacles such as walls.

Use Rush Carefully

Rush is a valuable ability but you shouldn’t be hasty when going to use the ability. Timing is key and if you use Rush at the perfect time, it can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Focus On Teamwork

This is a multiplayer game first and foremost, and the key to achieving victory will be your ability to work with a team. Always communicate with your teammates and plan ahead, and this will ensure that you will end up the winner.


There are a total of 32 achievements that you can earn in the game, and you can find some of them listed below.

What Does This Button Do?: Use boost for the first time

Off The Grid: Reach player level 5

Fashion Victim: Personalise all 12 Characters

In The Spotlight: Feature in the player spotlight 10 times

Geared Up: Collect 250 or more Gear Items

Another Consonant Please: Play 10 COUNTDOWN Matches

Tag Evolution: Earn 5 Ubertags

Starpower: Superstar – Unlock ‘Starpower’

Superstars: Superstar – Unlock ‘Superstars’

Enter Your Initials: Superstar – Max out your Superstar Rating

Eat DIRT: Earn 50 ‘CHECKMATE!’ Medals

Which Way Is Up?: Perform a ‘VOMIT COMET’ action

No Hard Feelings: Introduce yourself to the fodder

Ground Pound: Perform a ‘CRUSHED!’ Takedown

Classy: Personalise all 8 Classes

#Crashtag: Earn 10 Crashtags

Uprising: Superstar – Unlock ‘Uprising’

Snowbound: Superstar – Unlock ‘Snowbound’

Founder: Superstar – Win the Founders’ Trophy

It’s Not An Addiction, It’s A Lifestyle: Earn 100 Gold ‘GAME TIME’ Medals

Regeneration: Superstar – Unlock ‘Regeneration’

Stampede!: Play 10 OVERDRIVE Matches

Paying Your Disrespects: Smash 5 Tombstones in a single match

Ready For The RUSH: Rush for the first time

ONRUSH: Obtain all trophies in ONRUSH™

Stay On Target: Takedown an opponent!

Origins: Superstar – Start ‘Origins’

Not Now Chief, I’m In The Zone: Superstar – Start ‘Origins’

Burnt Out: Earn 50 ‘HUNTER’ Medals

Formula 15: Reach player level 15

Driving Club: Perform 1000 ‘NEAR ALLY’ actions


RUSH is a special ability which can be earned in different ways, depending on the vehicle class that you’ve chosen. It’s a unique ability and it is different from boost as it allows you to go even faster. Once your RUSH meter fills up, you will see a prompt to activate it by pressing the respective button. Use RUSH wisely so as to turn the tides of a match and to quickly overtake your opponents or take them down.

Your RUSH meter is in the bottom part of your screen, and you will be able to see it slowly fill up over the course of a match. Try and perform those actions that fill up RUSH for the class you are playing, and then use it at the right time to achieve victory!


When you’re going at breakneck speeds in the game, you will also want to make sure that you look awesome doing it. You can gain cosmetic items just by leveling up in the game. Every time you level up, you will unlock a gear crate and within these, you can find different skins, vehicle styles, and other means to customize your appearance.

You can also unlock these items by using credits which can be earned by completing challenges in the game. To personalize appearance, , just select the ‘Personalization’ option from the main menu and you will be able to customize characters’v and vehicles’ appearance as you wish.


You need to perform this action if you want to unlock the ‘Which way is up?’ trophy. Also, it looks pretty cool. However, pulling it off correctly can be quite a challenge. We would recommend using Dynamo, Charger, or Vortex for this. Just go to Glory Dam map, and then use your nitrous right at the start and boost into one of the pipe ramps. If you get the angle right, it will send your vehicle spinning in the air. While airborne, turn off the nitrous and if you get four or five rotations, then you will earn the trophy.


There are about eight different vehicle classes, each of them with their own RUSH, trait, and ability. You can find below a list of all classes and what makes each of them unique.

Titan: This vehicle earns RUSH by taking down opponents. Possesses an ability to grant shield to allies which grant them protection from hits. The vehicle’s RUSH ability is dropping blockades that slows down opponents.

Blade: This vehicle earns RUSH by performing front and back flips. The vehicle has an ability to drop tombstones which blind opponents when they collect them. The RUSH ability leaves a trail of fire behind which is highly destructive.

Charger: This vehicle fills up the RUSH meter by driving near opponents. Has an ability provides increased magnetism during airborne attacks. The RUSH ability allows the character to bulldoze through opponents thanks to a physically larger RUSH effect.

Enforcer: This class gains RUSH from taking down fodder. Has an ability to temporarily disable opponents’ boost. RUSH ability blinds any opponents who are directly behind.

Outlaw: This class earns RUSH by performing tricks. Has an ability where landing heavily will cause shockwaves that will leave opponents vulnerable. RUSH ability will drain boost from all opponents within range.

Dynamo: This vehicle earns RUSH by driving close to allies. Has an ability that drops boost pick-ups for allies when you boost. RUSH ability supplies allies who are nearby with boost.

Interceptor: This class earns RUSH by getting near misses. Has the Surge ability where initial boost is more powerful but costly. RUSH ability is that it refills with every successful takedown.

Vortex: This class earns RUSH by performing barrel rolls. Has an ability that makes timed boost landings more effective. RUSH ability leaves turbulent air behind that can hinder opponents.


There are four different game modes available to play and each of them have different goals and conditions for victory. You can find details about each of them below.

Switch: The goal is to survive for as long as possible while hunting down opponents. The twist is that everytime you get knocked out, you will get a more powerful vehicle and of course, the same goes for your opponents.

Countdown: In this mode, players will have to pass through gates before the timer runs out. Passing through more gates will ensure that your team can stay in the match for longer.

Overdrive: In this mode, the only goal is to use boost as much as you can until the very end of the match. Just find any way to gain boost and then use it to make your way to the finish line as quickly as possible.

Lockdown: In this mode, you will fight for control of a moving zone in a free-for-all. You just have to stay in the zone and try and take down opponents while managing to survive.

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