Overkill’s The Walking Dead Guide: How To Modify Weapons, Get Blueprints, And Using The Work Station

Workstation tips and tricks for Overkill’s The Walking Dead.

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overkill the walking dead

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is a co-op action game, but it has some survival elements to it as well. These aren’t as involved, thankfully, as they can be in hardcore survival games, but they’re still things to look out for, especially since they can catch you unprepared and come bite you in the ass. This guide deals with getting a handle on them.


Weapons you find in the game can be upgraded using mods. You get mods by completing missions. Once you have a mod, you simply open the map menu, and go to the Vault. Here, you will see a list of all your weapons. Select one, and you see a list of all applicable mods. Apply the one(s) you want, and you’re good to go. Keep your weapons upgraded, so you always have the most firepower on hand possible.


Blueprints are, well, blueprints. These are useful in game items that can make your character more powerful while also giving you options to upgrade your camp.

To start getting Blueprints, first level your Hub to 2. This unlocks the ability for you to take on bounties. Next, speak to Anderson in Georgetown, which unlocks the bounties option in your menu. Complete five bounties, and you will receive blueprints as a reward.


Once your hub is upgraded enough, you unlock the ability to have workstations (up to four), each of which houses survivors as workers. These workstations can provide vital buffs and perks to your characters. The workstations are:

Radio: Assign scouts here, for crafting efficiency. You get higher resources yield with this workstation.

Range: Assign Tacticians here, to get buffs that increase and optimize your stealth.

Depot: Upgrades your health and vitality. Assign tank survivors to this workstation for maximum effectiveness. Assign Supports here.

Clinic: Allows for more downtime before death, with the final upgrade letting you get incapacitated once before getting perma’d.

To assign more characters to a workstation, you must level up your hub, which increases the capacity of each of them.

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