Overwatch: 10 Things Blizzard Needs to Fix

Blizzard, please.

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Overwatch is a pretty fun game. Yes, beneath all the hype, the fan-art, the fan-shipping and all the other nonsense, Blizzard’s hero shooter is actually a ton of fun to play. It can be so many things at once and yet so easy to get into. However, Overwatch has some problems because nothing is perfect and if you love something, you nitpick it to death (it’s in the book of Life, look it up). Here are ten things currently problematic about Overwatch that Blizzard should look into.

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D.Va’s Black Screen of Death

This is a bug that’s apparently existed since before D.Va was buffed to the high heavens. However, whether it’s becoming more noticeable with more people playing D.Va or it’s just happening more, this is a bug that can be an outright killer for many players. Once D.Va’s mech is downed, you’re often treated to a short black screen before ejecting. However, the same black screen has a chance to appear again once you’re out of your mech, thus obscuring your vision for a good second or two. Given how squishy D.Va is in human form, this can lead to either a quick death or being disoriented, followed by a quick death. With all the attention given to D.Va, it’s amazing that this issue hasn’t been addressed yet but with her high pick rate in Competitive Play, at least it’s being focused on more than ever.

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