PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 1.0 Patch Notes Released With Optimizations Galore

Details on new weapons, new map settings and much more also revealed.

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is finally available to all PC players with version 1.0. Along with this, Bluehole has released some pretty long patch notes. It’s important to note that when the deathcam and replay features are activated, there will be lowered performance on some systems.

As for the client, it’s seen a number of optimizations to terrain data and textures to reduce memory usage. The sea has been optimized with reduced wave effects, lag that results from multiple players being in view has been reduced and character animations have also been optimizations.

Overall, you can look forward to optimized world effects, UI elements and decreased loading times for the terrain. Server lag issues that caused players to move abnormally have also been reduced. Again, these are some pretty hefty patch notes with information on redesigned aspects, new weapons and much more. You can check out some of the patch notes below with the full notes available here.

Client Optimization

  • Optimized terrain data to reduce memory usage
  • Optimized texture to reduce memory usage
  • Optimized the sea by reducing wave effects
  • Reduced the lag issue when multiple players are in sight
  • Optimized character animations
  • Decrease memory usage of characters
  • Added LODs to further optimize weapon rendering for long distance
  • Optimized various world effects
  • Optimized various UI elements
  • Reduced the lag issue when terrain is loading
  • Decreased terrain loading time

Server Optimization

Reduced the server lag issue of players moving abnormally


  • Redesigned the lobby background and UI
  • Added Replays menu
  • Added replay function which can record up to 1km around the character. Please enable the replay saving in Options before you enter a match. When the game ends, the replay will be saved and can be played on “Lobby – Replays” menu. Up to 20 replays can be saved. They will be automatically deleted in the oldest order when the number exceeds 20 You won’t be able to watch the replays made in the previous client version.


  • Added a new map – Miramar. Miramar will temporarily have a higher chance of being selected. Miramar supports 2 weather types: Clear and Sunrise.
  • Miramar builds on and modifies the core Battle Royale experience by providing varied visuals and gameplay:
  • Vaulting & Climbing action will be even more useful when crossing the Miramar terrain
  • Players can experience highly tactical battles that will force them to utilize their cover and concealment skills
  • Choosing the vehicle type is more important than before, as off-road driving is now different from on-road driving experience
  • Which map is played will be selected randomly when a match begins
  • Removed rainy and foggy weather from Erangel


  • Added 5 new weapons:
  • Added DP-28 which is Erangel exclusive. DP-28 will be spawned in world. It has a 47-round pan magazine for 7.62mm. Sights and a 4x scope can be attached. It has low firing rate but a long effective firing range with high damage
  • Added AUG A3. The AUG A3 can be obtained from care packages. It’s a variant of a bull-pup assault rifle that uses a 5.56mm 30-round magazine as standard and 40 rounds when extended. It has high muzzle velocity, high rate of fire and low vertical recoil.
  • Added R45 which is Miramar exclusive. R45 will be spawned in world, it uses .45 ammo and 6 bullets can be loaded. Red dot sight can be attached. It has high accuracy and faster reload speed than R1895
  • Added Win94 which is Miramar exclusive. Win94 will be spawned in world. It’s a variant of a lever action rifle that uses .45 ammo and 8 bullets can be loaded. It’s for an expert player since it doesn’t take any attachments except bullet loops and is mid-range effective with slow reload speed but high damage
  • Added Sawed-Off which is Miramar exclusive. Sawed-Off will be spawned in world. It uses 12 gauge shot and 2 shells can be loaded. No attachments available. It has short range, high dispersion, lower damage than other shotguns but can fire in rapid succession
  • Added new Ghillie suit to the care package
  • R1895 will not spawn in Miramar
  • Kar98k will no longer be included in care packages. World spawn rate of Kar98k will remain the same.

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