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The Playstation Network has done a fantastic job over the last 2 years, giving consumers what they want, though there are more stuff we want to see happen in the future, and we’re here to tell you what we want to see in future firmware updates.


Cross Game Chat aswell as Party Chat:

This is the most wanted feature PS3 owners are asking for, Cross Game chat, this allows 2 (or more) people to chat with eachother through voice chat, in any game, no matter which game they are in.

This feature makes joining games much easier, as well as just talking to eachother without having everyone else talking to you aswell.

What we also want is a Party Chat, which will be the same as Cross Game chat but with more people, this is good for a clan, and things like that. This feature is used on Xbox Live, and seeing it happen on the PSN would be great.

Join Game option

We would like to see a “Join Game” button whenever you press Triangle on a profile, so if someone is playing Killzone 2 online and we wanted to join his game, a simple click and you are launched into the game, bringing you directly to the match your friend is in.

This feature would be good if it was also included in the Trophy/Proflie Cards after pressing on a sertain friend. This feature is highly wanted and is used by many online services like Steam.

Worldwide Video Store

The Video/Movie store has been on the US Playstation Store for quite a while, but it never came to any other Playstation Stores such as the UK one or the JP one, seeing it there would be a good thing to do, because the majority of Playstation 3 owners are outside of the U.S

Trophy progres

Trophies were also intruduced last year, and done a good job with giving us alot of replay value and just having a blast earning them, but having an option that will show us our progress of a sertain trophy, for example in Resistance 2’s trophy “Score 10,000 kills in ranked matches in Online Competitive Multiplayer.” and having on the side showing  5,000/10,000 for example is a good thing to do, showing the player his progress.

Faster internet browser

One of the big features the Playstation network offers is the ability to surf the web, though the key problem is its not that fast, in fact pretty slow.

Having an update that will just download software for the browser making it faster would be greatly appreciated.

Faster Trophy/Proflie card loading

This is noticeable by everyone, the loading of the Trophies on Trophy/Proflie Card is slow, this is not something big to ask for, just make it faster!

Connect with Home

On the Playstation Network and  Friends List…there is no real connection to Playstation Home, so having a button (like the

Join Game option) that allows you to spawn right next to a sertain friend, meaning “Press triangle” on a friend, then press “Meet in Home” or something similar to that.

This is such a great way to help get more people into Home, as well as an easier way to meet up with friends.

What could also be done is have your Home Avatar fully desplayed on your Trophy/Proflie card on the right, showing how your Avatar looks like.

This could be great:


Just a Cocept.

More Avatars and Custom Avatars

Im pretty sure alot of us want new Avatars, don’t get me wrong i love my Helghast avatar, but having more avatars added once in a while would be great, i mean we want something new!

We also want the ability to have Customized Avatars, its pretty simple..just have a picture you want in the Photos on the XMB, and just go to the Avatars section and click Customize. This is so simple Sony, and we want it.

Games i own, Games my friends own

Sure you can see some of the games your friends own with Trophies, but having an option to see all the games they have, is a pretty decent thing to have, and should be very simple, for example on a friend, press Triangle, then click My Games.

Thats all there is folks, now if you have any thing that you would like to see, comment right below telling us what you want with a brief explanation, i will have this post updated with your suggestions, so tell us what you think!

And dont forget to stay tuned to for  E3 2009 starting June 1st , who knows… maybe we will have some of the list i mentioned checked as mission accompished!

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