Pokemon GO Breaks All Manner Of Records on Smartphones

Pokemon GO is currently set to overtake Twitter in terms of active users.

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You’re probably sick of hearing just how successful Pokemon GO, the augmented reality Pokemon game for smartphones, is, but I mean, its level of success really is mind boggling- the game has been an absolute sensation ever since it came out, and apparently, it has been breaking all manner of records since its launch.

Pokemon GO‘s success is measured not just in terms of the number of downloads – even Miitomo did well on that front before eventually fizzling out – but instead, in terms of just how well the game has been performing in all other relevant metrics too. Among this game’s notable feats are included:

Analysts seem to be pretty bullish on the game, too- though they are simultaneously also unsure of the title’s long term prospects.

“The Pokémon brand ensures tens of millions of downloads regardless of the game concept,” said Newzoo founder and analyst Peter Warman. “It is one of the biggest gaming and entertainment franchises on the planet. What has been a surprise for Pokémon GO is the several millions of dollars it’s managed to generate in the first few days alone. This is obviously great news for Nintendo as seen by its recent $10 billion market cap jump. My one worry with the game is its longevity as the freshness of the concept wears off and is copied by competitors.”

Pokémon GO doing so well initially should not be a surprise: it is one of the most enduring and widely popular game franchises in the world,” said SuperData Research analyst and chief executive Joost van Dreunen. “It has produced no fewer than 18 full feature films, a cartoon series, trading card games, and a slew of swag. More so, even though Pokémon is operated independently, it is part of the Nintendo empire, which saw a similar consumer response with Miitomo. You cannot underestimate the strength of this Japanese giant and its assets, even if contenders have emerged in the last few years.

“The initial audience response is more telling of the increasingly lethargic mobile games market. With its growth slowing, it takes an established franchise like Pokémon for the numbers to suddenly, and likely briefly, flutter before reestablishing its previous equilibrium. “What will be critical is the coming period. Can Pokémon GO keep its momentum and cultivate a loyal following? Just like every other mobile game, it will have to face the retention figures after 7, 30, and 90 days.”

Industry analyst Serkan Toto, however, takes this success as a vindication. “Nintendo probably can’t believe their eyes. This is unprecedented. I seriously think Nintendo doesn’t really care about mobile at the moment. I have been saying this for one and half years now,” he said. “Nintendo will make billions of dollars every year on mobile eventually.”

As it stands right now, Pokemon GO‘s success is definitely stunning- whether or not it can be sustained in some measure over the long term is what remains to be seen. Even if the game were to fizzle out by this time next week, however, it has inarguably been a success already, and it will have been a fruitful venture for all involved.

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