Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! Guide – Silph Co. Building, Defeating Team Rocket And Rocket Blast-Off Outfit Location

Making Team Rocket blast off again in Pokemon Let’s Go.

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Unlike future games in the series, Pokemon Red/Blue don’t have you taking down an existential threat. Which means that Let’s Go, as their remakes, don’t either. Instead, you take on Team Rocket, a criminal syndicate that uses Pokemon to do evil, whom you just happen to cross paths with.

This guide covers some Team Rocket encounters.


There are two Team Rocket outfits in the game—one of them is actually unavoidable, and you will get as part of the story. The other one, however, is the Blast Off Outfit, which lets you dress up as Jesse and James, the Team Rocket goons you keep running into through the game.

Once you have beaten all eight gym leaders, head to Route 17, or Pokemon Road. Here, you will eventually get accosted by Jesse and James, who challenge you to a battle. Once you beat them, they try to get you to join Team Rocket. At this point, no matter what you say, you’re obviously not joining them, but to get the Blast Off Outfit, you must say no. Saying no gets James to give you the Blast Off Outfit.


The climax of your run ins with Team Rocket occurs in Saffron City, where you arrive to find Team Rocket having taken over the whole damn place, in an attempt to get Silph Co., the corporation that makes all the items, including Pokeballs, you use in the game, to join forces with them.

Naturally, you are tasked with getting rid of them, but Silph Co.’s building is a nightmare! It’s a maze of teleportation tiles, and you have to make your way through multiple identical looking rooms to make your way to the top, where the boss, Giovanni, awaits.

On the whole, there are just two things you need to keep in mind, which will ensure you are on the right, critical path:

  • On the fifth floor, you will fight the Rocket admin, Archer, as well as a Team Rocket Grunt, whom you face alongside your rival in a four way battle. Once you defeat Archer and the grunt, you get access to the card key. This card key is needed to open most of the doors in the building.
  • Once you have the card key, go to the third floor and open the locked door. Take the first teleporter, and then keep opening doors, until you run into a Nurse. This is your clue you are on the right path. She will heal your Pokemon for you. Continue following this path, until you end up in a small room with your rival. Archer shows up to battle you again, but your rival decides to engage him so you can go on. Take the other teleporter and you will end up on the 11th floor, and Jesse and James will accost you.

Once you beat Jesse and James, you will fight Giovanni in the CEO’s office of Silph Co. He’s a harder fight than the last time you faced him, so make sure you healed up beforehand. Beating Giovanni causes Team Rocket to make a run for it, and for the CEO of Silph Co. to give you a Master Ball.

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