Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! Guide – Where To Find Legendary Pokemon And How To Defeat Elite Four and Rival Champion

Overcoming the toughest challenges in Pokemon Let’s Go

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Some of the hardest challenges in Pokemon Let’s Go come from the Legendary Pokemon battles, as well as the Elite Four of the Pokemon League. The former are the hardest Pokemon in the game—hidden away in labyrinthine dungeons, and Pokemon you have to fight before you can even try to catch them. The latter are the hardest trainers you will run into over the course of the campaign.

This guide deals with mastering both.


Much like in the original Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow, there are four Legendary Pokemon hidden throughout Kanto. These are the three Legendary Bird Mirages, as well as the strongest Pokemon in the world, Mewtwo. They are the hardest Wild Pokemon you can encounter in the game, and unlike other wild Pokemon, you need to battle them before attempting to catch them.

Before you even try to catch these Legendary Pokemon, there are some tips I highly recommend you keep in mind:

  • Always save before initiating an encounter with a Legendary. This way, if you mess something up, you can reset and start over
  • Take lots of Ultra Balls with you. Legendary Pokemon are notoriously hard to catch, and you’ll be throwing a lot of Pokeballs at them to try and catch them, which they will keep breaking out of. It’s best to be so well prepared that there’s no threat of you running out
  • Save the Master Ball. Do not use it on any other Pokemon, except for Mewtwo. Mewtwo is incredibly hard to catch, and can border on being absolutely impossible without the Master Ball. Save it for him, and use Ultra Balls on the other Legendaries.

With that out of the way, here’s where you find the Legendary Pokemon:

  • Articuno: Seafoam Islands
  • Mewtwo: Cerulean Cave
  • Zapdos: Power Plant
  • Moltress: Victory Road

Bear in mind Mewtwo cannot be accessed until you beat the Pokemon League’s Elite Four.


Once you beat the gym leaders, you get access to the Elite Four of the Pokemon League, west of Viridian City. The four trainers of the Elite Four are battled in succession, with no breaks. This means that you need to be stocked up on healing items before hand, because you are facing the four hardest trainers in the game without any chance to heal between the battles. So buy lots of Max Potions and Revives, and have your Ethers and Elixirs saved up to recharge your PP.

The four trainers of the Elite Four are:

Lorelei: Ice Type (weak to Fire, Rock, and Fighting types)

Additionally, two Pokemon of her have Water and Psychic as sub-types. Having a Dark Type Pokemon for the Psychic Type can be helpful, and Electric Pokemon for the Ice/Water types.

  • Slowbro Lvl 51
  • Lapras Lvl 52
  • Dewgong Lvl 51
  • Jynx Lvl 51
  • Cloyster Lvl 51

Bruno: Fighting Type (weak to Flying and Psychic types)

Additionally, one of his Pokemon is Rock/Ground (weak to Water and Grass), and one of them has a Water sub-type (meaning it is weak to Electric and Grass types).

  • Hitmonlee Lvl 52
  • Onix Lvl 52
  • Poliwrath Lvl 52
  • Machamp Lvl 53
  • Hitmonchan Lvl 52

Agatha: Ghost Type (weak to Dark type)

Additionally, since all of Agatha’s Ghost Types are Ghost/Poison Pokemon, they are weak to Psychic attacks too).

  • Arbok Lvl 53
  • Golbat Lvl 53
  • Weezing Lvl 53
  • Gengar Lvl 53
  • Gengar Lvl 53

Lance: Dragon Type (weak to Dragon, and Ice types)

Gyarados is Water/Flying, meaning it is only weak to Electric (but four times weak to that); Charizard is Fire/Flying, meaning it is 4X Weak to Rock, 2X weak to electric, 2X weak to Water; Aerodactyl is Flying/Rock, so 2X weak to Water, Electric and Grass; finally, Seadra is pure Water, so zap it with Electric, or with Grass type moves.

  • Seadra Lvl 54
  • Charizard Lvl 54
  • Aerodactyl Lvl 54
  • Dragonite Lvl 55
  • Gyarados Lvl 54

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