Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX Guide – How to Recruit Legendaries and Evolve Pokemon

Here’s how to find and recruit every Legendary in the game.

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Legendary Pokemon make up a big part of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX’s story. However, you can’t recruit any of them until the story has been completed. Once that’s done, you can return to each Legendary and defeat them again. They’ll be automatically recruited, with one major exception but we’ll get into that.

The Legendary Pokemon and their locations are as follows:

  • Zapdos – Located on Mt. Thunder, weak to Ground-type attacks.
  • Moltres – Located on Mt. Blaze, weak to Water-type attacks.
  • Articuno – Located on Mt. Freeze, weak to Fire-type attacks.
  • Groundon – Located in the Magma Cavern. Water-type Pokemon are king here but Groundon can still be dangerous. Keep enough healing items and Revive All Orbs to survive.
  • Rayquaza – Located in Sky Tower, Rayquaza’s main damage dealing ability is Hyper Beam. This can be easily avoided with a Dodge All Orb.
  • Kyogre – Located in the Stormy Sea, Kyogre is weak to Electric-type and Grass-type Pokemon.
  • Regirock, Regice and Registeel – Defeat Kyogre and learn about the Buried Relic location. Head there to battle Regirock on floor 15, followed by Regice on floor 25 and Registeel on floor 35. Each possesses Clear Body as an ability so don’t waste time debuffing them.
  • Latios and Latias: Defeat Kyogre and the Buried Relic deungeon. Once you partake in the Kecleon Shop robbery quest, you’ll come across Latios. Defeat it and then head to Pitfall Valley to rescue Latias. Both Pokemon will join your team afterwards.
  • Entei – Complete the Buried Relic and Great Canyon dungeons. Go to Pokemon Square and give Spinda a Clear Wing to unlock Fiery Field. This is where Entei is located so bring some Water-type Pokemon to defeat him.
  • Raikou: After defeating Entei, the Lightning Field will open and lead to Raikou. Ground-type Pokemon will excel in this fight.
  • Suicune: Defeating Raikou unlocks Northwind Field where Suicune resides. It’s weak to Electric-type and Grass-type Pokemon.
  • Celebi – Recruiting Latios and Latias after the main story will open up the Purity Dungeon. It’s 99 floors but upon reaching the end, you’ll meet Celebi. Talk to it and it will join your team.
  • Ho-Oh – First, you must defeat Entei, Raikou and Suicune to unlock Mt. Faraway. Ho-Oh resides at the top and is pretty powerful. Bring level 50 Electric-type, Water-type and Rock-type Pokemon to take him down.
  • Jirachi – Unlock the Mt. Moonview camp first for 7,000 CP. Travel to Solar Cave to befriend Latias and Latios, then go to the pond to speak to Whiscash and Medicham. Keep talking to them until Ekans makes an appearance. Accept the rescue request and the Wish Cave opens. Once you rescue Medicham on the 20th floor, you’ll receive a Wish Stone. Return to the cave later and reach the 99th floor to fight Jirachi.
  • Lugia – After recruiting Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres, you’ll also need to have recruited Latias and Latios. Head over to the Silver Trench after being informed of a disturbance. You’ll need to clear 99 floors to face Lugia.
  • Deoxys – Once you’ve recruited Lugia, the Meteor Cave will become available. You’ll need to defeat different shadows of Deoxys and once the real version is found, head to the 20th floor to fight him. Dark-type Pokemon work best here.
  • Mewtwo – After defeating Ho-Oh, the Western Cave is unlocked. MewTwo is at the end of this 20-floor dungeon and will join you upon being defeated.
  • Mew – After finishing the story, unlock the Final Island for 9,000 CP. Defeat Kyogre in Stormy Sea and you’ll receive news about a Buried Relic. Speak to Shifty and Lombre in Pokemon Square, then head to the location of the relic. You need to defeat Regirock on floor 15, Regice on floor 25 and Registeel on floor 35. This will give a Music Box item which can then be used to summon Mew. He’ll appear between the 36th and 99th floors and it’s not a guaranteed recruitment so keep the Friend Bow handy

How to Evolve Pokemon

Evolving Pokemon involves taking them to Whiscash Pond and visiting the Luminous Cave. Only one Pokemon can enter at a time – interact with the cave and if you have the items necessary, they can be evolved. If you don’t have the necessary items, the cave will tell you what’s needed. Some examples include the Lunar Ribbon to evolve Eevee into Lumbreon, Thunder Stone for Pikachu to Raichu, Beauty Scard for Feebas to Milotic and so on. The Luminous Cave only opens up once the story is finished so keep that in mind.

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