Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Isle of Armor Guide – How to Get Region-Specific Pokemon and Armorite Ore

Find some familiar Kanto, Hoen and Alola Pokemon with this guide while also grinding Armorite Ore.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield’s first expansion The Isle of Armor adds several region-specific versions of established Pokemon, allowing for even more variety in line-ups. So how do you get them? You’ll need to talk to randomly generated in-game traders, each with their own purpose. These traders will spawn in the Isle of Armor’s Wild Area.

Look for the NPCs wearing white shirts. These will trade you Pokemon of the same species and provide a region-specific Pokemon in return. Here are the different Pokemon you have to trade to gain a region-specific version.

  • Kanto Meowth – Trade Alolan Meowth for it
  • Kanto Farfetch’d – Trade Galarian Farfetch’d for it
  • Kanto Corsola – Trade Galarian Corsola for it
  • Kanto Ponyta – Trade Galarian Ponyta for it
  • Kanto Mr. Mime – Trade Galarian Mr. Mime for it
  • Unovan Darumaka – Trade Galarian Darumaka for it
  • Hoennian Zigzagoon – Trade Galarian Zigzagoon for it
  • Unovan Stunfisk – Trade Galarian Stunfisk for it
  • Kanto Weezing – Trade Galarian Weezing for it
  • Alolan Exeggutor – Trade Kanto Exeggutor for it
  • Alolan Marowak – Trade Kanto Marowak for it

How to get Armorite Ore

A new currency to earn in The Isle of Armor is Armorite Ore which can be traded for Watts. You can also give it to an NPC in exchange for teaching certain special moves to your Pokemon. While Armorite Ore can be found throughout the world, like other items, it’s completely up to chance.

Completing Max Raid Battles will also provide one Armorite Ore upon each completion and are the most reliable sources. Another reliable method is to locate an NPC named “Ore Digger Lady”. She appears in specific locations and you can save your game before speaking to her. She’ll proceed to dig and will let you know when a piece of Armorite Ore. From there, you can instruct her to keep digging and gain more Armorite Ore.

The catch is that her shovel could break and if it does, you won’t get any Ore. Here are the various places where you can find the Ore Digger Lady. For more detailed locations, check out the video guide below:

  • Potbottom Desert
  • Stepping Stone Sea, on island with two trees South of the Tower of Water
  • Loop Lagoon
  • Workout Sea, near the Ditto Den
  • Workout Sea, South of the Loop Lagoon
  • Insular Sea
  • Warp Up Cave, to the left on a path
  • Courageous Cave
  • Dark Tower, before the last staircase
  • Dark Tower, near the stairs
  • Brawler’s Cave
  • Field of Honor

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