Prey Mega Guide – Cheats, Collectibles, Neuromods, Locations, Armor Upgrades, Skills And More

A complete guide for Prey.

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Prey Mega Guide – Cheats, Collectibles, Neuromods, Locations, Armor Upgrades, Skills And More

Prey is now out, and it is a great game. And while it tells a compelling, thrilling story that prompts you to pay attention to what is happening at all times, it also challenges you to poke and prod at it, and discover the reams upon reams of hidden content that there is waiting for you to find it all.

If you need help finding it all, we’re here to help you. In this guide, we walk you through finding everything hidden in every last nook and cranny of Prey– from collectibles like Keycards, Neuromods, Emails, Employees, Recordings, Smuggler’s Dead Drops, Passwords, Safe Codes, Suit Chipsets, Heavy Gear Optimizers, Starbender to Cheat Codes and Cheats that will give you unlimited Neuromods and infinite crafting items, materials and ammo. And finall we have also included video guides for some of the trophies and achievements in the game.

Prey is developed by Arkane Studios, the developers behind the Dishonored series. The game is now available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.


What is a modern game without collectibles? Of course, littering your game with countless, inane collectibles can be detrimental to the experience. Prey, thankfully, refrains from doing that. Most collectibles, while significantly difficult to track down in their entirety, are pretty meaningful. In this section of the guide, we help you track them down.

Neuromods – Locations Guide And Skills Guide:

There are 28 Neuromods in Prey. The videos below show you how to track down and gather all of them. Gathering them is advisable, because they can help unlock new abilities for you.

If you need a list of the Neuromods, this video helps you out. It even organizes them into Scientist, Engineer, and Security, so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Starbenders – Locations Guide

There are six Starnebdeds in Prey for you to find- and given the size of the game, finding them can naturally be an onerous endeavor. In this section of the guide, we walk you through find all of them.

Smuggler’s Dead Drop Locations

There are six Smuggler’s Dead Drop locations in Prey for you to dig out. They are actually part of a side quest, and they get you a Trophy/Achievement, too, so there is no reason not to try and find them all.

All Other Collectibles: Keycards, Emails, Employees, Recordings, Passwords, Safe Codes, Suit Chipsets, Heavy Gear Optimizers And More

There are, frankly, a lot of collectibles in Prey– too many to keep track of. This video playlist below will essentially walk you through finding them all through the game. Good luck!

Keycards Locations:

Here is a list of all the keycards you can find around Talos 1:

  • Simulation Lab found at R&D
  • Security Office at IT Security
  • Trauma Center at Talos 1 Lobby Front Desk and the Executive Offices
  • Teleconferencing at the Executive Offices
  • Jorgen Thorstein’s Cabin at Jorgen Thorstein’s office
  • Morgan Yu’s Suite at the Executive offices

Keycode Locations

Instead of keycards, you can try to find keycodes to try and get past locked doors:

  • Pilot’s Lounge Door code found in the Talos 1 lobby
  • Jorgen Thorstein’s Office code found in the safe
  • Morgan Yu’s Office code found in Talos 1 lobby
  • Trauma Center Quarantine code found in Talos 1 lobby
  • Trauma Center – Hendrik DeVries Safe code scrawled on the wall in the Talos 1 lobby
  • Security Office Holding Room Door code found in the Talos 1 lobby
  • Simulation Debriefing Safe found in the Talos 1 lobby, in the Looking Glass video

Cheat Codes And Cheats:

Please be advised that the following methods are to be used at the sole discretion of the system owner. GamingBolt or its staff members take no responsibility for problems that may arise or issues that may occur from trying the below.

There are a few cheats you can try to stack the deck in your favor in Prey. These are all likely to be patched out, or they can seriously mess your game up and make it behave in unexpected ways- but if you want to risk that, then we have included below some cheats you can look into to make yourself all but invincible in your play through of Prey.

Unlimited Neuromods

Unlimited Crafting Items And Materials (Materials Duplication) (which means you can craft Infinite Ammo)

Upgrading Armor:

To upgrade armor in Prey, you have to install chips in it that bestow new powers and effects on it. You can install up to two chips at a time during the beginning of the game, though this capacity is increased over time as you invest in the Engineer tree. In this section of the guide, we list out the different chipsets you can find:

  • Etheric Shielding 9.4GHZ: Ether damage resistance increased
  • Cell Refurb 00Q-X1: Collect more Disruptor and Q-Beam ammunition from robotic corpses
  • EMP Shielding 19.4GHZ: Decreases the effects of EMP damage
  • Adventurer’s Toolkit V1.X: Increases: fabrication yield, critical hit chance, plus makes your flashlight more efficient, and lets you crawl through tight spaces more quickly
  • Artx Propulsion Gen 2: Adds a jet boost to the Propulsion System
  • Artx Propulsion Gen 1: Increases the glide speed on the Artax Propulsion System
  • Battery Optimizer IMI7: Increases flashlight battery
  • D.F.A.: Falling on an enemy or ally damages them
  • Backlash Reactor S-P58: Backlash may return damage to enemy
  • Game Master’s Ire V1.X: Reduced fabrication yield; diminished flashlight capability; reduced speed while crawling through tight spaces.
  • CARE4YU S-134000X: Decreases the chance of trauma infliction
  • Impact Amp S-390: Wrench swings may knock back opponent
  • V-Amp .23: Sneak attacks restore health
  • FSlide INFBS_99: Reduces sliding damage
  • Hepatocytic Amp S-M186: Makes you immune to alcohol
  • Beam Shielding 19.4GHZ: Damage taken from laser attacks is reduced
  • Grounding Resistor 19.4GHZ: Electricity damage resistance increased
  • Heavy Gear Optimizer CRU: Increases movement and aiming speed while firing the GLOO Cannon or Q-Beam
  • Integral Structor B5NM: Environmental hazard resistance increased
  • Polyshield CRU: Physical damage resistance increased
  • Kinesthetic Assister CRU: Regenerates stamina faster
  • Prowl S-6400: Sneaking movement speed increased
  • Radiation Shielding 19.4GHZ: Resistance to radiation increased
  • Recycler Shielding 19.4GHZ: Specialized shielding makes you immune to recycler charges
  • Impact Dampener CRU (V1): Zero-g fall damage reduced
  • Last Chance Core V1: Blows that would otherwise kill you will leave you with one health instead; this has a 5 second cooldown
  • Thermal Shielding 19.4GHZ: Fire damage resistance increased
  • Leverage Assist CRU: Reduces the time it takes to pick up heavy objects

Achievements And Trophies Guide:

You repaired (20) objects on and around Talos I.

I and It
You killed every Human on and around Talos I.

No Needles
You completed the game without ever acquiring any Typhon power or Human ability.

Do No Harm
You completed the game without killing any Humans.

Mimic Massacre 
You killed (5) Mimics in 5 seconds.

Dead Calm
You killed an enemy while using Combat Focus.

You mimicked a Mimic.

You mimicked (20) or more unique objects.

Know Thine Enemy
You acquired a Typhon power.

Know Thy Self 
You acquired a Human ability.

Split Affinity 
You completed the game once acquiring only Typhon Powers and again acquiring only Human abilities.

You hacked at least (20) hackable objects on and around Talos I.

A Different Side of Yu 
You scanned your Phantom Shift duplicate with the Psychoscope.

You used Mindjack to free a mind-controlled Human.

Tee One Up 
You killed an enemy while they were Lifted.

Escape Velocity 
You blasted yourself as an object for at least 20 meters while in normal gravity.

It’s Alive!
You created a Phantom using Phantom Genesis.

Thoughts Can Kill 
You used Psychoshock on a Human.

Ball Lightning 
You used Electrostatic Burst to drop two or more Operators at once.

TranStar Gourmand 
You consumed one of every type of food and drink on Talos I.

Cold Dead Hands 
You fully upgraded a weapon.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 
You used a single Recycler Charge to recycle at least 20 objects.

Missing Persons 
You located all employees on Talos I.

Press Sneak
You read all the e-mails on Talos I.

You found and listened to all TranScribe recordings.

I and Thou
You completed the game in the most empathetic way possible.

Intrinsic Value 
You recycled yourself.

No Show
You died to helicopter blades on your first day on the job.

Awkward Ride Home 
You escaped Talos I aboard Dahl’s shuttle with only Dahl.

Push the Fat Guy 
You killed Alex.

Abandon Ship 
You fled Talos I aboard Alex’s escape pod before completing your mission.

You found out what happened to Mikhaila’s father and let her know.

Brain Trust
You helped Igwe, January, and Mikhaila meet in your office.

Dear Future Self
You found and listened to all the messages you left for yourself.

Best Served Cold 
You killed Luka and avenged Abby.

Suicide by Proxy 
You killed January.

Open Says She 
You used Danielle’s voice samples to access Deep Storage.

This Never Happened 
You performed an apto-regressive neurotomy on Dahl.

You met January for the first time.

A Friend in Need 
You recovered Mikhaila’s booster shots and healed her.

Prism Master 
You read the entire Starbender series and don’t regret it.

The Gates of Hell 
You completed the Shipping and Receiving objective and no human lives were lost

You rescued Dr. Igwe from a cargo container.

Black Market 
You found all the smuggler’s dead drops.

You Rang?
You used the Psychotronics satellite to dismiss or summon the Typhon Nightmare.

Makeup Exam 
You returned to the Simulation Lab and completed the tests in Rooms A, B, and C.

Coffee Break 
You found Dr. Calvino’s secret stash.

Gift to the World 
You found Gustaf Leitner’s Connectome for Dr. Igwe.

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