Project Bluestreak Targeting High Frame Rate, Console Ports Will be Difficult – Bleszinski

Cliffy B talks about fast-paced movement in his upcoming arena shooter.

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Former Epic Games designer Cliff Bleszinski, the man behind some of the most memorable shooters in history such as Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, was at PAX East with other members of his new studio Boss Key Productions to showcase the first footage of Project Bluestreak. Bluestreak will be an arena shooter and some of the environments were teased during the company’s panel. Check them out above.

Bleszinski also took the time to speak to PC Gamer via YouTube and talked about the fast paced movement of the game. “When you’re playing an FPS you’re not just using the mouse, you’re also using the keyboard to dodge, to jump, to leap, to flow through the world. Previously, working on the Gears of War franchise it was ‘stop and pop’ and it was cool, but there’s something about an FPS that you see the barrel of the gun, you have the right FOW and you want to just flow seamlessly throw the world.

“One thing about movement is, I always want the player to be able to shoot, get the right FOV, get the right acceleration and honestly the game that we’re building right now is extremely vertical, extremely fast paced and I think we’re actually going to have a hard time if we ever port it to consoles, ’cause it’s so crazy right now.”

Project Bluestreak will focus on making its frame rate “king” but even those with a low-end computer will be able to enjoy it. “We want high frame rate but we’re extremely good looking on Unreal Engine 4. Today we showed a little bit of footage, mostly environments. Frame rate is king, we need to make sure we can run it on a potato but that said, if you have a high end rig this thing needs to look good.”

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