Project CARS 3 Guide – How to Quickly Earn Driver Points and Credits

Here’s how to farm the Driver Points and Credits needed to unlock new cars, cosmetics and more.

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Project CARS 3 streamlines a lot of the realism from previous games, which may or may not appeal to hardcore racing sim fans. Nonetheless, there is plenty to work towards, like Driver Points and Credits. The latter is used to purchase new cosmetics, parts and cars but what about Driver Points?

Essentially, they’re like XP that contributes to your overall level, which directly affects which cars you can access. Driver Points are doled out based on one’s racing performance. Farming them effectively means turning off all of the available assists and raising the AI difficulty – this will increase the amount of Driver Points earned along with increasing the multiplier for the same.

Where you place at the end of a race along also impacts the outcome. Keep in mind that performing acts like a Dirty Overtake will reduce the number of points earned compared to a Clean Overtake. So try not to smash into other vehicles while racing.

During Hot Laps, you should stay on track since that will also contribute points. Breaking track rules or going off-course will not grant you Driver Points, even if you finish in first place. The best way to farm Driver Points is to essentially open up a custom race and set the laps and opponents to one. Choose a Mojave track since it’s fairly short, disable all assists, raise the AI difficulty and try to get first place. This ensures that you’re earning a substantial amount of Driver Points without much hassle.

How to Farm Credits

Credits are the means to unlock almost everything in this game, including new tracks. Driver Level will influence the number of Credits earned upon leveling up. So what’s the fastest way to level up and earn more Credits with each level? You could go with the method above for Driver Points but there’s a way to rack up some serious Credits as well.

Load up a Custom Event and use a very fast car. Set the track to Knockhill Tri-Oval and the total number of laps to 99. Now turn off as many assists as you’re comfortable with, set the AI difficulty to its highest and race through all laps to rack up the XP and Credits. This can work on any tracks that are fairly short so give it a try on the different Mojave tracks as well if those are easier.

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