PS4 Is Slightly Easier Than Xbox One To Develop For, Resolution More Important Than 60fps

Producer at Koei Tecmo Akihiro Suzuki shares his thoughts on PS4/Xbox One development.

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Producer at Koei Tecmo Akihiro Suzuki has revealed that during the making of Bladestorm: Nightmare on the PS4 and Xbox One they did not faced any major issues, but the development team did find the PS4 slightly easier to handle.

“Looking back on developing for Bladestorm: Nightmare, there weren’t any major issues that the team faced for the PS4 or for the Xbox One. But having said that, if you look back at the history of the hardware, Sony has always been saying the PlayStation 4 is going to be much more developer friendly in a sense,” Akihiro said to GamingBolt.

“So maybe that’s why a lot of developers are saying that or indicating that the Xbox one is a bit more harder [to develop for]. But again, for Bladestorm: Nightmare’s team there weren’t any major issues. But having said that, maybe the PlayStation 4 is slightly easier. ”

With the debate on resolution and frame rate being such a hot debate amongst western players, we asked how does a Japan based company like Koei Tecmo handles this kind of a situation. Akihiro stated that although a higher frame used to be a priority before, they are now pushing for better visuals, resolution and a variable frame rate instead.

“At Koei Tecmo it may depend on the project we undertake, but starting from the PlayStation era say the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 era obviously frame rate was important to us. So we had to make sure sixty frames was always expected as a standard to start with. But having said that we couldn’t jeopardize the visual expression of the game, as that’s also important to our franchise and all the games we make. So in terms of balancing, we don’t seem frame rate being that important as it used to be. ”

“Obviously looking at our Dynasty Warriors games, most of them actually have varying frame rates. So depending on the circumstance of the battle some scenes actually move at sixty frames, but with these areas we wanted to make sure that we at least reach the minimum visual quality. ”

“So in such instance that the frame rate drops to let’s say thirty frames and in this way we make sure we get the right visuals to appear on the screen. So you know, for us, if we had to pick one or the other we would slightly prefer resolution as we would like to make sure that we have the right visuals to appear on screen in any given area of the game.”

Bladestorm: Nightmare releases this month on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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